i be xp guru!


i got a real copy of xp home version 2002 (sp 2) dat i purchased for 99 uhmerikan box. i never went online wiff it and kept it “pure”. but…i own canon cameras. i bought a powershot g15 right after it wuz discontinued and discounted. it uses a “.CR2” raw format. on win7 i got no issues but on xp sp2 dey wont load. but…same raw files from earlier cams are just ok.

i used an old version of faststone and i updated to latest but no dice. den i farted around wiff other freeware and had performance issues. finally after much googleplexing i red dat i knead MS net frame works version 3.5 and and same with sp1 and 3 update patches. i spent some time doing all this and wuddahyahknow i can view and manipulate canon “.CR2” raw files in faststone and irfanview.

way cool. i iz a xp guru. IN YUR FACE!

if i cuddah called up trump or hillary or cruz and dey helped me wiff kindness and knowledge i wud vote for dat one. seeing how dey true me to dee wolves i am inclined to vote NO CONFIDENCE on duh whole stinking lot of dem. FART!


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