solar powered breakfast!


yisterdee dey sed snow, mebbe inches of dee white stuff. well, it didnt snow until 1 pm and it quit around 3:30 or so wiff out any sticking any where. it cleered up later dat nite.

today sunday the sky iz cleer and after i returned from my jaunt in dee pok the sun was strong. i rolled out dee solar carts to brew coffee and make

as i mentioned previous i am using an old rice cooker. i threw in bananas and chopped strawberries. the berries were straight out o’ dee fridge but dey wuz warm when i ate dee oatmeal. i iz glad i doan haz to use duh microwave and all dat implies.

now duh cartz are recharging fer next time.

i am also pleased dat i kin use all me brade machines wiff solar power with only a slight addition of attentiveness. duh tree machines all consume about duh same wattage and none will run over 90 minnits. i kin make multiple loaves any sunny day now.

soon i will be mowing duh lawn wiff an electric mover running off the solar carts and using a corded weed whacker. i goan to pick up a corded electric blower next.

i had a mild almost snowless winter. dis iz unusual but not unheard of. duh problem bean now i iz having a chilly spring wiff lotz of snow showers. the snow fer today wuz canceled.

i remember back in dee 1970’s getting snow in april when i lived 50 miles south of heer so this iz unusual but not unheard of. some gloppal coolers say dat diz spring proves dat deer iz no gloppal warming. well, i dunno. bean alive for 60 yeerz i haz seen quite a variation in climate. jest ten yeerz ago i remember mowing duh lawn in march and duh next yeer having bitter cold in april.

everyone haz an agenda. when i get 50 or 60 degree dayz in january or february i notice it iz ignored. oh! but if i get one inch of snow in april there iz a great howling.

i aint complaining. i only used my snow blower once. dat iz good. if i haz a chilly spring as payment i can cope. if i haz a cool summer i save big time on A/C.


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