uhmerikan erections

every four yeerz uhmerika getz a hard on for a new POTUS. who iz duh biggest prick we can find?

i live in the grape stake of new jerky.we gotz us our primary in june. seeing howz deer iz only two choices i registered to be a dumbocrat in duh salad dayz of me yute when i wuz green in wisdom.

still, it works out well. i vote sanders in duh primary( to fuck hillary by proxy since i cant “do it” personally) and trump in duh genral erection.

without a doubt trump iz duh biggest prick we can find. he iz out and out in yur face, “I’M A FUCKING PRICK!” gotta love it. cruz and kasich all trying to be normal when in fact day be big fucking pricks. a true big fucking prick doan pretend not to be a big fucking prick. so of course i vote trump.

but? iz hillary a big fucking prick? of course not. she is a big fucking CUNT! if duh GOP field had lesser pricks in it i might lean toward the big fucking cunt. itz a close call right now. sumpin big wood have to happen to make me swing dat way. are deer enough cunts in uhmerika to get hillary in? may be.

heerz a guest post:
“Let me spell it out for you dweebs.* Scholars are divided, but either Aeschylus or Sophocles first increased the number of speaking actors on the stage from two to three. This improved drama dramatically. By implying that Kasich *should* suspend his campaign, you’re actually asking America to take a step backwards, but the nuance of this particular GOP tragedy calls for all of the sophistication of the ancient Athenian stage.

*all information cited from my ninth grade Global History project on ancient theater”

some one famous once sed dat it doan matter who votes but who counts duh votes. it may have been “uncle joe” stalin or it may have been an LBJ.

TPTB have pretty much tuk the curtain down and we iz all staring at dee brick wall.


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