solar powered lawn mowing

well, i cudnt brew solar powered coffee for two weekends. technically i wuz able but i didnt want to drain the bat trees what wiff extended cloudiness.

as a make up i got to mow dee lawn using solar power. back in the late 1980’s bought an electric lawn mower for 90 bucks. here it iz 2016 and it iz still goan and mowing.

today i hooked it up to a wagan 1000 watt dc/ac inverter. it tuk about 25 minnits. i had to use a 50 foot extension cord with a 25 foot extension plugged into dat.

the lawn mower sez it consumes 12 amps. the wagan is rated for 8.5 amps. the lawn mower took 3 seconds to spin up but then held steady. it didnt even stall on 12 inch high clumps of grass. i ran it non stop for 12 minnitz then plugged in the extra cord and ran it it another 12 minnits. i’m guessing dee wagan under amped duh lawn mover. i wud imagine dat instead of the duh blades doing 1500 rpm mebbe dey wuz only doing 1100 rpm.

the air temp wuz about 71 degrees F. when i stopped to add the extra extension the inverter cooling fans were on. the fans stayed on the whole time and tuk about 3 minnits to kick off after i wuz done.

all winter i used the wagan to brew coffee about 15 to 30 minnits for two days a week in cold temps. the coffee maker consumes 600 watts. by comparison, today i ran it at max or more and no problems.

boffins say dat pure sine wave inverters drop down into modified sine wave output when over loaded. i didnt put my scope meter on to check. i may do that after the bat trees recharge.

sears has a two speed electric blower on sale for 50 bucks. the box sez 12 amps same as the lawn mower. so i think i will pick one up and try it out. i suspect dat i will be able to use it satisfactory on the “low” setting. i’ll warrant the low setting will be more powerful den dee 19v bat tree powered one i iz using now. a full charged Li ion bat tree last mebbe 15 minnits at best and duh last few minnits are weak before duh bat tree shuts down.

the wagan has an LED display. the bat tree voltage ran consistent at 12.8 volts with the solar panel in full sun lite. i got to admit the wagan haz been put through the paces and passed wiff flying colors.

concurrently i wuz able to charge up a bunch of 19 volt bat trees using solar power denying duh man ever cent and kilowatt i can, YOSH!

i intend to use solar power for all lawn and shrubbery care dis summer. off grid by choice.

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