on the dole

i done did do get laid off from my hell hole job. i knew it wuz goan to happen for a long time now. the place wuz goan belly up. i haz ben sending out resumes and even went on a few interviews.

so now i iz collecting unem, the last time bean 7 yeerz ago. this job iz now the longest i had had a job. the sencond longest bean 6 yeerz, one for 5,one for four and the remainders all one and two yeer stints.

itz nice to have a vacation and be able to ketch up on thangs around dee house. mebbe i shud say staycation. i haint got no money to do extensive traveling.

i felt a malanky bit sad, as one wud when you leave place you got used to. no regrets. i did the best i cud under trying circumstances. i doubt i’ll ever see anyone from dat place again. itz duh uhmerikan way. some folks copped jobs at the place the owner sold all our booking orders to. 10 1/2 hour dayz and mandatory overtime. not for me.

i got a promising prospect and maybe my unem stint will be short. if i get dat job it involves a 5% cut in wages and a longer commute.

the boss man owner went around telling everyone when the last day wuz. then he started letting people go 3 weeks before. he told everyone they wud get vacation but ended up pro rating it. he had it all planned 6 months previous but kept hiz cards close and neet.

itz all water under the bridge. i can shake the dust off my feet and never look back.


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