earth’s moon


“you need a telescope to really get the dope on the stars up in the sky”

of course every one knows the moon iz our moon. other planets’ moons have names like titan or iapetus but the earth’s moon is just called “THE MOON”.

i am sort of a lunatic, a weird wolf. i tuk apart an old 8mm video camera i had. the auto focus stopped working. i removed the optics cage but left the CCd chip and the tape mechanism intact. i RTV’ed a 1 1/4 eyepiece adapter to the end. i stuck it in the viewing end of a 5 inch (127mm) diameter Maksutov-Cassegrain scope. the focal length is 1540mm which works out to f/12.1.

i bought the scope and mount as a returned second for $125 off. i checked everything out. all i could see is one of the eyepiece barrels had a scratch on it. the optics are near perfect! HOT DAM! the moon, jupiter, saturn, mars all rock solid. even high power eyepieces show no distortion except from atmosphere.
who ever returned this scope did me a big favor. or course it wuz made in china but i tip my hat to that optician and the factory dat made diz scope. it iz a winner.

i do have a 9.25 cassegrain. i had to align the optics to tweak it in. i paid big bucks for it. i seldom use it. sure, it has very good imagery but it iz so cumbersome to move about. when ever itz clear i lug out the 5 inch and gawk wiff dat.

well, i plug the camcorder in to do lunar studies. transient events mostly, out gassing, meteor strikes, unauthorized @tommik detonations, UFO’s, you know the usual.

mostly i use prime focus but sometimes when the air is clear and still i’ll use a 2x barlow. i used different filter, green, yellow, red. i settled on greenbecuz it cuts the moon light the most. i also used the sports shutter option for better freeze frame. when i digitize the videos i turn the saturation down to remove the green cast. some may have a sound track other no sound.

i gave up trying to track the moon. better off just taking a still shot for that. i set the moon so it iz outside the field of view and let the earth’s rotaion pan across the moon’s terrain. it’s sort of like a space ship doing a flyby. i started leaving the time and date stamp one just in case…

i’m uploading a bunch to youtube for historical purposes. i am doing this so folks who dont have a scope can scope the moon out. even folks who got a scope may be under cloudy weather or becuz of work or home schedule cant get out and check the moon out. plus, no bugs or extreme hot or cold. no lugging the scope out or in. i did that all for you. AND!…no moon blindness.

here is a sample. you’ll see the atmosphere rolling but it wuz a great night for lunar observing. every little detail you see here is real and can be verified in your own scope. the main crater is maurolycus. it’s in the southern highlands. east is on the right and north is up.


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