corded blowers

i haz a bat tree operated blower. i like it. lite weight and fair strength. the bat trees doan last long not even lithium types.

so when i need to do a big job i ordered a seerz kraftsman 8 amp blower. i had it sent to my local store for free shipping. it came on time. it cost 35 bucks. i unboxed it in private. it worked. two speed compared to bat tree one speed.

of course more powerful. the low setting iz like the one speed bat tree wiff a freshly charged pack.

i happened to be in tar-jet. dey iz selling erfwize blower 9 amps, the price? 89.99! seerz kraftsman haz a 12 amp fro 50 bucks!

i recently bought an erfwize 8 amp lawn mower becuz it wuz the only moderate amp corded electric i cud find. i thought it iz over priced but seeing wutz in stores i know it iz. wiff blowers one has options, not so much wiff mowers.

i gave me buddy my gaz lawn mower to save me self the hassles of selling it. i got some good will, i hope! we looked at new ones. the one i gave hip iz 300 bucks. of course mine iz old but it works. so he iz ahead dat much. a free gift!

i figger duh 8 amp blower iz like a gift. it iz very cheap. it iz exactly wot i need and noting more. since i can run it ioff my solar carts it iz still bat tree operated.

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