evap cannister valve

i got a 2001 honda accord. i wuz driving around yesterday making a traffic video of certain travels. some interesting back roads for historical documentation.

i wuz a few miles away from home when i noticed the check engine lite popped on. lucklishly i got an OBD reader. when i returned i hooked it up. KOEO. i got the code P1457. the reader just sed it haz sumpin to do with fuel injecting.

so it wuz an internet search. the most likely and common reason for carz of dat yeer and about iz dee evap canister valve. the valve iz assembled with a “c”shaped metal housing bent over a plastic housing. az duh metal rusts it allows leak ins into the electro mechanical plunger mechanism. the canister “never” goes bad. however, the valve iz bolted onto the canister and the bolts tend to seize and the metal inserts into the canister break out with bolt removal. that makes assembling a new valve onto the old cannister questionable at best.

i ordered both the canister and valve. it came to 150 uhmerikan dollars. it tuk me an hour to get the old one out. one electrical connector and 4 hoses. only one mounting screw.

for the price i wuz somewhat pissed. they didnt include new hardware. i reused the mounting bolt and i scrounged up two bolts from my “junk” pile. it only tuk 30 minnits to put it back.

i had to jack up the car by the driver’s side rear tire. i put the car on a jack stand and a jack. az shade tree jobs go it warnt dat bad except for the 150 bucks…

of course, i button everything up, lower duh car and recheck codes. a quick trip around dee block, about 12 miles. car runs good, no check engine lite. i iz happy. tomorrow i’ll do a much longer shake down cruise.

i noticed dat prior the car didnt pick up quick enough when pressing the gaz pedal. now i find out dat iz one symptom of a bad evap valve. it seems the alvle dies very slowly, enough for the one board computer to compensate, then it trashes out and the code iz set.

at least i wuz off for memorial day and i have car repaired, i hope, for back to work.


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