EVAP follow up

it iz a success! duh car runs good, real good. duh car haz ben running crap for along time and i never knew why.

OH! now i know and all yuze wiff honda accords of late 90’s & early naughts now know date poor performance or pick acceleration iz in all likely hood do to the evap valve/cannister.

i have dee car goan on 4 yeers and it never picked up when i mashed on the gaz pedal. it did but it tuk way longer than i think a car wiff a medium 4 cylinder shud.

now it picks up great. it looks like my mpg increased also. i’ll know better on next fill up.

what if…

what if honda &c.,designed their fleet dat way. the evap valve goes slowly and mebbe the on board ECU compensates up to some parameter. let the car drive crappy, enough dat an owner mebbe trades it in or sells it off on dee used market.

i put an OBD reader on it many times and duh code for bad evap never came up. i replaced the “vtec” valve which had a code. but never the evap. the check engine lite hasnt come on since i cleared it for the “vtec”.

i did a complete tune up, plugs, wire, cap and rotor, even the timing belt. sure, i noticed improvements but it always seemed to drag when mashing the gaz pedal.

itz my learned opinion dat the performance hit i experienced wuz due to a faulty evap valve. if you have an accord of vintage around 2001 i wud recommend you change it out of hand. itz an easy job for dee home mechanic. a garage shud be able to do it for less dan 300 bucks easy.

either way it iz well worth dee investment.


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