spAAAAce blanket

i haz dis notion dat i shud block summer insolation viz a viz me two south east facing picture windows.

in duh winter i can use sun lite to raise room temps 5 degrees F easy but in summer time the rooms can get 10 degrees F or more which makes on comfortable.

me brudder in law gave me a spAAAAce blanket many yeers ago az a grinchmas gift. it sat in itz original box for 30 yeerz.

one day i looked at dee box and saw it iz 54″ x 84″.

NASA used spAAAAce blankets to wrap around itz space ships to reflect the unmitigated rayz of dee sun.

now a dayz dis spin off iz used mostly by campers and hikers who get caught under severe conditions to stave of loss of body heet. it can reflect powerful heet in dessert like conditions where shade iz scarce.

my notion iz to hang it in my picture windows to moderate the temp climb of doze rooms and conversely lower my cooling bill.

the current heet wave iz 5 dayz long and lucklishly i haz had the spAAACe blankets hanging in the windows.

the one i got az a gift went into a south facing storm door. the vestibule now haz a 10 to 20 degree lower temp.

i did an internet search to see who had spAAAACe blankets in stock. only an outfit called REI had some. had some means two, 2!

actually it wuz a spAAAAce bag. that is a spAAAce blanket dat is folded up and taped together to form a bag. i cut duh tape and opened it up.

one went into duh living room window duh other in duh dining room window. i augmented the living room window wiff two other mirrors i have laying around. i suspect i reduced insolation by 85%.

duh dining room window is 45%, i need to buy more spAAAAce blankets. i want to add more reflection to duh dining room and i have a double window in the kitchen dat needz filtration.

wutz cool about spAAAACe material iz dat you can see through it. everything looks grey such az when you put sunglasses on. indeed, on hazy or cloudy dayz i can have the shades pulled back and look out. itz also very light and durable. a few small pieces of duct tape holdz it in place.

even after dee sun haz moved to dee west and it no longer streams in the windows i often had the curtains pulled becuz the reflected heet of objects outside still enters in. wiff dee spAAAAce blanket i can chose to look out side if i desire.

it tuk 5 dayz for dee living room to get to 79 degrees. dat iz from duh material of the house heeting up. same wiff living room, it tuk 5 dayz for temps to max out. in dee case of dee living room i cudnt leave duh door open. the heet wud spill into dee rest of dee house. temps wud climb to 90! then it wud bake true dee wall into duh bed room and make the window unit a/c work hard.

i have all my winder a/c units on duh west side of dee house. duh living room and dining room and kitchen get cooled through spill over or osmosis.

in duh past, on the first hot day of high 80’s each room wud sail past 80 by duh time duh sun wud move over west. by 1 pm the roof overhang blocks any sun from entering. just by having that 4 or 5 hour reduction of insolation haz made duh house cooler.

three 5000 btu a/c window units really dont cool duh interior until after sun set but at least dey dehumidify duh air. there’s a big difference between 84 degrees and 60% humidity and 78 degrees and 48% humidity.

in duh past i wuz not able to sit in either duh living room or dining room in dee summer. at least i can use doze rooms for sitting in now. sure all a/c units purty much run 24/7 same az last yeer but i have two rooms 10 to 20 degrees cooler. i suspect once i get the extra spAAAAce blankets i am sure to experience even more comfort.

i cud have went low tech and used aluminum foil. itz cheap and plentiful. however, it iz opaque. it iz black out material. spAAAAce blankets allow me to look out during day lite hours to monitor the property.

for the kitchen i may get plastic mirrors. some places cut sheets to size. they wud be more durable for reuse wiff just minor care in handling. plastic wont shatter like glass if mishandled.


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