TPS generation suppliers in NJ

i call bullshit on the unregulated third party suppliers of energy generation in the grape stake of new jerky.

i decided to go to a different electric provider until i found out itz a variable rate dat cud triple over my utility’s already high rate. i have paid 600 uhmerikan dollars for a month during a cold winter. imagine getting a bill for ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS!

FART! FART! i say.

i thought it wuz just dat one TPS. nope, dey all have variable rates. i saw two TPS wiff good fixed rates BUT DEY DOAN SERVICE MY AREA! one company dat did service my area actually had a rate dat wuz .99 cents higher daan my utility!

one TPS had a 60 month contract dat wuz .02 cents cheaper dan my utility. well my utility already got a 3% and a 5% rate increase.

i looked at some old bills, i never seen my rate go down. for a five yeer plan it may be good.

there iz a list of 30 providers for my utility area. dey all buy on the daily spot market. dey all have surcharge features even on fixed rate plans.

i have to put an off grid system up on my south porch roof. something modest, 500 watts PV and three 100 AH Bat trees and a 2000 watt dc/ac inverter. something to juice a 5500 btu are conditioner or a 600 watt oil filled radiator.

by the by, i mowed the front lawn using solar power today, brewed coffee and made oat meal off grid. i currently have the electric water heater off and yesterday had it off for 14 hours. duh basement iz 5 degrees C warmer than a week ago becuz heet wave which means less heet lost from “delta T”.

yesterday i ran my new 8 amp leaf blower to clean up duh driveway and dat wuz off grid also.


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