skypro time lapse software

i haz ben doing brute force time lapse. i burn a DVD then capture it a 2x fast forward. well, it does work.

i found some freeware called skypro. it works on XP. although my HW will capture full DVd quality skypro only captures at 320×240 but can upscale to 640×480.

the results are “good enough”. for cloudz it haz a 0.5 second interval. for traffic i use 10 fps. that is 2.5x fast forward. i use a kwere codec, VP6 heightened sharpeness. when i upload to youtube it looks better than played on my laptop wiff VLC media player.

so i am happy.



i invited hathorn inside so we cud talk. hathorn didnt kair, itz robot. still jeero and myself wanted to get comfy for chit chat. hathorn wud have talked even iffen he wuz standing on the surface of mercury in blazing sun lite and 800 degree C.

i poured jeero and myself a glaz of cactus juice.

“so…hathorn, kair for a glaz of lube oil or cooling fluid?”
“now, tellme, how do you happen to know the AI of the spaceship i am considering buying”
“I THOUGHT IT WUZ A DONE DEAL!” dat wuz jeero. he got it fixed in hiz mind dat i am goan to buy a space ship and explore the universe, no doubt as himself first mate.
“let’s just say we worked together.”
“duz diz AI have a name or designation?”
“sure, democratus”
“haint dat some old time philosopher? ancient greek i think.”
“mostly correct. i am surprized at you wud know such things. but bean in labor “i wud suspect you know lots of things about very little.”
“doan you mean i know very little about lots of things? althoght i do take pride about being usefula bout useless knowledge.”
” i intended to pay you a complement. i owe you.”
“sure enough.”
jeero started getting agitated. i cud tell he wuz bursting at the seams to pump hathorn for all of hiz adventures. i decide to see how much hathorn wud reveal.
“hathorn, how old are you?”
“i have ben operational for 500 yeers”
both jeero and myself gazed in amazement at this walking relic. jeero wuz actually slack jaw wiff mouth agape. i told him to finish hiz cactus juice. i got some crackers.
“well, i am 120 yers old.”
jeero looked at me slack jawed wiff mouth agape.
“i sweer you iz only 60 yeerz old.”
“jeero, eat yur crackers, you whipper snapper!”
“so, how long you know democratus?”
“almost 400 yeerz.”
i like hathorn. he didnt do the yeers, months, dayz, minnits and seconds routine such as many robots will. heer iz a robot dat unnerstands hue man needs of replies to inquiries. iknew we wud be best friends.
“why does jeero call you bro?”
“jeero iz an only child as many are deez dayz. i wud like to think jeero thinks of me az an older brother.”
“datz it, bro!”
“plus i thik jeero butters me up to get me to let him drive the plow and use my other gadgets.”
“datz right, bro!”
“with yur permission i also wud like to address you as ‘bro”.”
“sure, why not?”
it seems dast hathorn and democratus were assigned to work together uder one of the most powerful lords of the last days of erff. it wuz dere mission it seek out and eliminate rebel groups who wished to strike out on their own and create new societies across the sol sys. it bean strange becuz the lords wanted to depopulate duh erff but spent great treasure chasing escapees. hathorn indicated that both he and democratus rebels against their lord. they refused to intercept and destroy those leaving erff.

deomcratus wuz demoted to cargo duty and hathorn wuz to be shut off. the olny problem wuz dat there were legions of spaceships and robotz who went rebel. the various lords dint have enough labor to shut them all off. labor wuz actually part of the rebellion.

the problem bean dat the lords wanted everything for demselves. if dey had to kill everyone to get it, well, it worked for dem.

the original ideer to depopulate duh erff wuz to create a paradise for doze left over. it wiz an AI plan. in fact AI wuz fine wiff an exclusive group ending up with all dee power.

AI iz very much like hue mans. doze AI over there had different data than those over deer. different input different ouput.

of course erff wuz depopulated. the use of carnage and destruction wuz of no concern to AI. results are wut mattered. in the end AI battled against AI. the AI dat set up the lords of the last either beamed their minds out into space towards targets not apparent to hue mans or actually physically moved their mind in spaceships, also to destinations not apparent to hue mans.

the lords of the last didnt last. dey be all gone now. erff caught some severe damage during depop. only now 500 yeerz later haz the erff healed itself. many scars remain.

boffins say dat wen folks such az myself decide to leave erff it iz a left over mem fro doze lord AI. i think myself dat crowdz are nasty. hustle and bustle, the scurrying around. the monkey sphere iz too crowded.

doan misunderstand me, i love dee erff. itz a beautiful place. but itz too crowded. i kaint imagine wut it wuz like in dee olden days before the lords when the world teamed wiff hue mans and dey raped everything. the disparity, the haves and have nots. some wud starve while other gorged demselves to obesity.

hat horn told us many stories dat day and into the evening. jeero often stayed over late. he helped me wiff my projects. i almost always sent him home. i valued my privacy and hiz parents hsouldnt get too much time off from hiz upbringing. still, on occasion i let jeero stay over during a meteor shower. we talked late into the night.

democratus controlled or oversaw a spaceship that consisted of a hollowed out asteroid. the length bean 7 kilometers and the width 3 kilometers. tesla drive with fusion ion back up. the asteroid wuz origianlly towed to moon orbit. it bean a nickel iron giant, it wuz mined for 100 yeerz. there is a huge central cylinder. branching off are many wide tunnels. the master cylinder iz completely landscaped and terraformed. externally, the asteroid iz pockmarked with impact craters. it haz many access ports and loading docks. in a regular pattern are spaced “Wardenclyffe Towers”. these Wardenclyffe Towers enable the tesla drive. using solar and galacatic Birkeland currents the spaceship can navigate great distances at great speds.

quantum drives have rendered earlier propulsion to lesser roles. quantum drives arent without dangers becuz of itz inherent instability. even AI that runs on quantum hardware have trouble getting from a to b becuz quantum drives want to go through a to z to get to b.

there are tales of ships going from erff to marz and ending up at neptune. even wiff duh detour the trip can be very brief.

hathorn told us of two ships dat arrived at the same destination at the same time. the matter to energy conversion flash cud be seen at erff across 2 billion kilometers.

call me old fashion but prefer to stay in the space hue mans call real.

hathorn iz a model of robot dat wuz massed produced back in the day of lords last. he sez dat 100,000 unitz wer manufactured. he sed dat 50,000 are still functioning and active after 500 plus yeerz. any squadron or platoon of hiz type, known as, “juster dusters” were the most formidable force in the sol sys at dat time. nothing else cud withstand their onslaught.

many other types of robots were made back then. the main purpose to wipe out hue mans. later types were dedicated AI with narrow purpose and less flexiblity for independent self programing.

datz duh trouble wiff AI. true AI will modify itz behavior based on input from itz surroundings. an AI dat draws itz own conclusions iz very dfdangerous indeed. the worst sort of AI are those dat develop “extreme justice”.

AI dat can “stand in yur shoes” tend to be the type hue mans want around. hathorn can understand the hue man condition. he sez itz a hobby of hiz.
hathorn sez dat you never know what a hue man might do next. hathorn sez even AI can get bored.

caveman crap

itz politically incorrect to use the term “caveman”. it got so bad dat many prestigious journals ran articles how cro-magnons, dat iz us, kilt off all dee Neanderthals 50,000 yeerz ago. Neanderthals were painted as kind, mellow, easy going folks who suffered from genocide by white people. certainly no black people ever killed a Neanderthal.

some boffins say we fucked them out of existence, dat iz we bred dem out. some boffins say hue-man dna iz composed of 5% Neanderthal.

now we know dat these lovable beasts practiced cannibalism. mebbe the original common concept of neanderthal bean brutish cavemen iz correct. all dat guilt dat wuz forced on me for wiping dem out wuz for naught.

TPTB wanted to revise history to make modern day hue-mans feel guilty about an event that may or may not happened a long, long, long time ago.

i suspect the neandethals got wiped out from cannibalism and bean attacked by hue-mans. of course many early hue-mans mated wiff our caveman buddies. i wonder what else doze cro-magnons mated wiff?

who exactly iz goan to wipe us out? will we practice cannibalism? will we genocide a certain group of hue-mans for fun and profit? oh, wait we done did do dat already, already.


i wuz researching asteroid spaceships. i saw one i liked moth balled out in orbit around saturn. tesla drive, fully functioning environmental, lots of cargo holds, with an onboard AI. i decided to take a first hand look at it. i had plenty of vacation. a young whipper snapper wuz after me job anyway although he wuz more my protage. hot dam, i’m ready to retire.

3 months round trip with 2 weeks at destination. an appointment iz made wiff a sales lady. i cant leave for a while so i get things ready. all my papers and permits have to be logged.

my abode, such as it iz bean a fully automated habitat blended in with the surrounding environment nestled between to hills each a state forest preserve.

the closest next residence about 3 kilometers away. well, i live in a working class area so the housing is pretty dense. itz not az bad az living in the city. folks till want to live high rise apartments. THE CITY iz about 20 minnits away by jet pack or flying car, mebbe an hour by mass transit and a little shorter by smart car. i often pop over to THE CITY to see a rave review artist.

i havent lately. trying to add up some more millions. most folks dont save becuz they are alloted a basic income. this iz enough for food, shelter, mobility, entertainment, health care, clothing and much much more. there are events and toys that are exclusive.

i cannot in all honesty say i live in a classless society. amongst coasters there is an equality but then depending on what you do or who you know you can get exclusive seating or service, bumped to the front of the line, make reservations, be seen with an upscale device or toy.

i think that hue mans a re just wired for status. when the very first cave man put a feather in hiz hair he got status. and to this day folks still relish status. AI recognize this and use staus to manipulate hue man affairs.

in almost all other matters every one iz equal, male female or “other”. skin color can be changed on a whim, i happen to like green women for some reason, especially gals with yellow eyes.

i never changed my skin color, it bean white. so i am a male and sort of on the old side. luckily i am not hated for that. it used to be tuff after the lords of the last mucked things up. they bean all white and male and old…er. being like dat for a long time wuz almost a death sentence.

well, us old white guys proved out worth during the robot wars, sort of single handed saving hue mannity and making up for the lords of the last. lots of pippl say itz all bullshit, just a way for white guys to endear themselves to everyone else. itz an undisputed fact that 80% of labor iz done by white guys. doan get me wrong there are as many white guys bean coasters az any other type, itz just almost no one wants to run the machines that make civilization work.

it bean so hard to tell what sort of person anyone iz any more. i seen pink,purple and orange folks and i aint to sure what sex who iz any more. i guess i’m old fashioned that way.

some how the family nearest me heard i wuz goan to saturn and their child, a male child stopped by to ax me about it. his name iz jeero. nice kid, rather bright, somewhat mellow. he wants to go into labor. he likes machines. hiz parents are always trying to talk him out of it.

it’s my job az labor to plow the streets where i live when it snows. jeero oftern flags me down when i plow in front of hiz house and rides “shotgun” while do my rounds. he’s 16 now and i let him drive the plow on occasion.

“hey! bro!” he calls to me. i like to think he thinks of be az a big brother.
“goan to saturn?”
“itz in duh lokal rag, you know”
“i figger”
“bring me back a piece of saturn?”
“sure, i’ll put it in a jar”
“saturn iz made of gas, i’ll have to put it in a jar”
“ok, i wish i cud go”
“you got skool and yur parents wont let you”
“well, dat sucks”
“wut about your GF?”
“yeah, i guess yur right”

we both noticed at the same time but jeero sing out,”hey,bro! a ROBOT!”
normally seeing a robot didnt require an acknowledgement but this one did. looked old from the beginning of time. not worn out just old style,maybe even ancient. the robot wuz walking up the road heading directly for my house. we stood there and waited for the robot to arrive.

this robot iz made out of metamaterial. cud be metal, plastic,glass, ceramic, cant tell. bipedal.upright. two arms with hands, robot hands. it’s head a clear bubble of some sort with sensors inside. i recognized a gamma ray detector, infrared, visible and UV capable. this robot is anthropomorphic in as much as two legs and arms a trunk and a head but not anything else to suggest hue man.

it spoke, a flashing band under the bubble keeping beat with the vocalizations.
“my name is hathorn”
“nice to me you, this iz jeero”
“i understand you are going to saturn”, wilbert says.
“it just seems itz common knowledge”
“i am asking you if i may accompany you”
“arent you doing a preliminary inspection of a spaceship there?”
“yes, i am”
“i know the onboard AI. i suppose hue mans wud say we are friends”


“space turd” is copyrighted by myself.

back i dee day boffins sed dat the pipplz of dee erff needed 6 erffs for everyone to live duh uhmerikan dream. so doze boffins under orders from TPTB developed a way to get 6 erffs worth of stuff. TPTB got their cut of course.

it involved mining mars. all those robotic explorers just werent deer for “science”, oh no, right from the get go it wuz cleer dat mars once had life. the troot wuz kept hidden for a long time.

foe toes of fossils and other artifacts were debunked or photo shopped out.
once oil wuz discovered there wuz mars madness. if there would be martians they wud all be screaming,”INVASION FROM ERFF!”

briefly, fleets of cargo spaceships shaped like giant 55 gallon drums lashed together were sent to mars to get dat juice. long hoses were lowered from the space ships in orbit to the refineries on mars’ surface. it wuz pumped up and then returned to erff where it wuz further processed into plastics and drugs and other stuff people paid money for. dis wuz all done in orbiting factories.

hue man kind wuz almost snuffed out by greed and folly. only by sheer luck did technology continue. now a dayz everything is robotic and automated. the refineries on mars, the moon base the orbiting factories. sure folks go and live and work deer. mostly adventurer types or rich types or scientist types.

it wuz decided byt the lords of the last dayz of erff to rape the nearby planets to let erff heal. it haz mostly. it bean a wonder to behold. the fact dat 90 percent of the world’s hue mans died in horrible ways helped greatly. the same lords of the last days decided to bomb most of their fellow creatures to death.

the lords like to think of them selves as noble but in fact it wuz a war of attrition, last man standing. although history is revisionist, written by the winner, there are enough facts to support the deranged cruelness of the methods used.

some say these exterminations were carried out by hue mans under orders from AI.
some say AI built their own space ships and left. to be sure, there are still AI on erff pulling the strings and making the monkeys dance.

besides from raping mars hue mans also raped titan, a moon of saturn. titan haz oceans of hydrocarbons. the fleets of giant 55 gallon drum space ships went there and lowered giant buckets to scoop up all dat juice.

us hue mans all live like kings wiff armies of robots to do our bidding. boffins say deer are ten robots for every hue man.
some look like mechanical men, others like four legged beasts, some like smart cars and even some that look hue man.

hue man numbers were very low once, 100 million spread unevenly across the globe. now itz pushing 1 billion but dat includes folks on the moon and marz and even orbiting saturn. still, erff iz starting to get crowded again.

i myself had to come to a complete stop in my smart car while going to work the other day. someone else’s smart car had called for a crossing. i think this had happened only once before. usually i see no other vehicles on my way to work.

i work in an automated factory. i tend the machines that tend the machines. itz only four hours a day two times a week. although i wanted to pursue the visual arts i got roped into “labor”. me parents were both in labor. no one wants to do labor. it got so bad that certain perks were added to those in labor.

i amassed a small fortune of some many many millions. lots of folks richer than me, sports stars, singers, other entertainers, administrators. still, itz more than what a “coaster” can ever attain.

to maintain genetic diversity hue mans need a certain amount of folks to breed wiff. too small a population can end up with hereditary defects. “coasters” are folks who live a life of consuming the art and entertainment of others and managed by others and “buy” the stuff automatic factories produce. mostly coasters just visit friends and family.

although robots do lots of things many people coasters and other members of society like to grow their own food, make personal items, spend lots of time grooming and sexual activity. some folks even become parents and raise families.

lately i haz grown tired of being in labor. i always wanted to be a serious holographer and an explorer. i decide to spend all the millions i have and buy a space ship.

space ships come in all types. cargo, law enforcement, pippl transport, exploration, robotic, you name it. from the very big to the very tiny swarms.

besides from raping the planets i mentioned erffens decided to mine asteroids. asteroids have metals such as nickel and iron but also carbon compounds and methane and ice and organic molecules.

if you inspect many asteroids some may be solid gold or diamond. although none have eve been found there have been asteroids with high concentrations of useful elements. many asteroids of such nature were fitted with engines and bought in orbit around the moon and erff’s lagragne points. where ever hue mans need raw materials there are asteroids parked nearby being mined even around saturn.

for almost a billion folks itz a time of plenty. wonderful toys and devices that do amazing things are common. some say itz alien technology found on mars deciphered by AI.

many hollowed out asteroids get converted into space ships. the nickel iron ones are the most durable. small ones can be hundreds of meters while the big ones can go to kilometers. they are spun to provide gravity and folks live in whole communities inside them. these pipplz may be members of a cult or religion or just visiting other asteroid communities. many AI fitted themselves out in/on asteroids and many AI took along hue mans. some say the AI took their pets with them. many of these asteroid ships left the solar system to parts unknown although some remain in communication.

many types of engines are used. fusion/ion, EM, tesla, and other one off exotic drives that an AI thought of and took off with.

i cant say if i am being manipulated by AI but i purchased an asteroid space ship. i blew almost my entire millions on the ship, up grading and outfitting it.

kwere klawdz

dish cheer yeer i noticed quite a few strange atmospheric vistas. here are few. WHAT DUZ IT MEEN?




crispy crisp, fat fudge

i live in uhmerika, in the grape stake of new jerky. during summer time is when road resurfacing starts. but this yeer there is a twist. my corpulent and corrupt governor, crispy crisp, halted all “non essential” road work. how ever a few stretches of road i drive on had the asphalt surface removed. on either end an abrupt 4 inch (that’s 10 cm) cliff was made. but these projects are on hold for how long? days? certainly. weeks? more than likely. months? could be. crispy crisp is famous for messing up traffic at the gee washington bridge.

but it gets better. the various goobermints had enough money to have signs made and enough money to pay someone to go around and install the signs. BUT THEY DONT HAVE ANY MONEY TO FINISH THE RESURFACING!!!! or so “they” say. TPTB wanted to jack up the gaz-o-leen tax 23 cents with an option to go to 46 cents when ever “they” wanted it to. to pacify the sheeple “they” generously rolled back the sales tax ONE PERCENT!!! the gaz tax was to go into effect right away but the sales tax reduction was to be phased in over 18 months.

but too many politicians in trenton are afraid they would get voted out so the plan was nixed. that’s when crispy crisp pulled the plug on all the jobs in progress. to make the people and tax payers suffer. they dont care about us. “they” play games with us and take our money with very little in return.

besides, where did all the money go that was earmarked for these projects, the current tax i have been paying for over ten yeers? where?

these are just four signs i pass by. i know of two more. i’m sure there are more i am unaware of. oh! the board of chosen freeholders are afraid to finish the jobs becuz they think crispy crisp will retaliate against them. it was quoted in a local rag.