“a queer he him”

“a queer he him” iz wonk speak for aquarium. still, one can have a gay time deer fur shore.

yeerz ago i went to dee state aquarium @ camdem. althought duh facility iz right on the river and nice, if you make a wrong turn you end up in a post apocalyptic burned out city right out of road warrior.

actually i ben deer a few times. itz often crowded wiff mom and pop and buddy and sis and worse, lit ill babbies and or skool chillen running around like untamed beasts.

i went deer once and it wuz almost empty. wut i like iz dee murmur of duh crowds and snatches of conversations dat make no sense, gen you whine hipster noise. in these vidz deer aint no sound. some DVD playerz will fast pitch sound during fast forward (chipmonk helium speak)but not diss one.

well, uhmerika is messed up. fish swim a a leisurely pace but dat aint good enough for youtube. i ran diss 2x fast forward becuz everyone iz ADD.i had to walk through the displays 3 times to get to see some fish wiffout my fellow primates standing in dee way. i also ran ran it true a vid processor for sharpening and desaturated this 20 yeer old video tape.


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