cruise two

the grape stake of new jerky iz a car state. mass transportation iz limited to big cities to big cities. if it aint rush hour during duh work week ,well, schedules are 30 minnits at best and 45 minnits and an hour usual.

i cannot take a bus directly to my current job or my previous job. i knew a guy who tuk a bus from my town to where i used to work he had to take 3 buses to get there. he had to take a bus away from work to catch a bus going to work.

so everyone uses personal transport, i.e. cars. itz the way things are. some big cities like newark or hack & sack have lots of buses. but for every bus holding fifty folks you can bet there are 100 cars behind it.

the grape stake of new jerky haz lotz of roads and highways. i know most of dem. some side roads are very quaint and scenic.

the 4th of july iz a national holler day. i got up early and tuk a spin. heer it iz.

but i am skeered. wut wiff all deez sniper attacks. whites against blacks, blacks against whites. blacks against blacks, whites against whites (and spanish against spanish) and spinach against broccoli.

wen i go to work lots of under and over passes where duh roads meet and cross. lotz of places where some one can hide and do “target practice”.

i hope no one uses my videos to plot a killing spree.

on nice weekends, later in duh day, side roads get crowded wiff folks cruising. i stay home becuz pipple drive inconsiderate. so i can get shot by a sniper or kilt by a crappy driver mebbe doing DWI. really, i figger duh less i am on the roads the less likelihood i have of getting in an accident or in some one’s cross hairs.

uhmerika iz a fucked up place. still, iffen you be afraid to drive deez roads you can do it virtually by watching my videos. i iz running the risk for you.

and…lawr in force mint can study deez videos to patrol vunerable areas.

in other newz my corrupt and corpulent gooberner, crispy crisp, stopped all road repair projects. in my town, white milf in pig sack county, “they’ started resurfacing 3 roads. the old asphalt was removed and the lower surface grooved. at the two ends of each section “they” beveled a 6 inch drop off. but now, “there’s no money” to finish the jobs. funny how there wuz money to put up signs saying this here road project wuz funded by such and such goobermint entity. heh-heh! i laff.

the goobermint came up wiff dee bright eye deer of jacking up the fuel tax 23 cents a gallon wiff an option to go to 43 cents a gallon. as a trade off the state sales tax wuz to drop to 6% from 7%. now the fuel tax takes effect right away but the sales tax takes a yeer to kick in. i guess the politicians were afraid of bean voted out by irate and disgruntled citizens so it never happened.

a 12.5 cent per gallon tax iz already in effect. it wuz supposed to fund road and bridge and mass transit AND be dedicated to just dat. but the state used dat revenue stream to borrow against. so now it all goes to service duh debt. i suspect doze bastids intend to do duh same wiff the 23 cent increase.

basically we are serfs held hostage by a self serving goobermint elite. some road projects were started actually making some roads worse than the pot hole dat were deer and now we all haz to drive true duh mess left behind which just indicates the politicians are just fucking with us. i pay high taxes right now. where does all the money go? billions of dollars are unaccounted for. itz heer one minnit den gone duh next. the coffers are full or empty on the whims of powerful people wiff hidden agendas.

i am a terrorist just by pointing it out. i am just as bad as any sniper taking pot shots at passers by but those assholes running dee show get a free pass at fucking things up. it shudnt be this way but it iz. either way duh little guy haz to duck.


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