lucy wuz pushed!

lucy, a million yeer old damned dirty ape, bones were discovered in some dessert in africa. some time after her discovery she wuz deemed “the mother of all humans, which is just as bad a the mother of all bombs.

boffins studying the bones found fractures. they can even tell how fast she was moving and from how high it wuz and even the manner in which she hit the ground.

i submit to you dat lucy didnt “fall”. lucy wuz pushed. probably by a jealous she ape who wanted to bang the alpha male. lucy wuz murdered. you herd it heer first.
doan bleeve me? jest you reedduh daily noose papers or watch the TV. get back to me on dat.

doan dumbocrats want to kill trump? doan ratpublikans want to kill hillary? aint super powers bombing the crap out of other countries?

doan you want to kill the driver of dat car dat jest cut you off? doan you want to kill me becuz i submit such kwear thoughts into yer hade?

you doan tink dat some million yeer old ape didnt mind pushing another ape out o’ a tree?

doan modern monkies in the jungle kill each other? shore dey do.


HD chem trails

it just seemz dat august 28, 2016 wuz big on chem trails. lucklishly i wuz able to do some HD time lapse using the canon g7 mark II… and… lucklishly for you i can post it heer. dis iz a youtune playlist of 4 videos so dere iz a second of black between each movie.WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEAAAN!

chem trail time lapse

i went olde skule wiff me miniDV camcorder becuz it still works.

back in may the company i worked for folded up. i had 3 weeks to chill befoe dee new job started. i hung out in my driveway hiding from dee sun in me garage.
i sawr many dayz dat started out clear and brite and blue and end up milky white from swarms of chem trails.

bean a dumb ass i didn t do no time lapse becuz dat thought haint hatched in me brain. well, i done did do lots o’ time lapse but since den not too much chem trail activity.

until…august 28th! i stopped wot i wuz doing, dat iz wasting time, and loaded up dee camcorder and recorded duh activity.

a typical “r” plan, passenger jet, may hold 11 thousand gallons of fuel. that is 11,000 gallons! where do you think dat fuel goes? into the atmosphere of course. if combustion wuz perfect it would release water vapor and carbon dioxide. carbon dioxide is a green house gas and a chemical. that white streak you see iz a chem trail. but…combustion is never perfect. at take off and landing the engines may produce soot and emit partially unconsumed fuel. typically most jets cruise at the border of the troposphere and stratosphere, about 10 kilometers.
boffins say dat the stratosphere has very little turbulence and mixing.

the reason planes fly dat high iz to avoid weather turbulence of the troposphere. 99.9% of “weather” occurs below the stratosphere. things that impact the stratosphere are volcanoes and super cell thunderstorms.

chem trails werent seen before the jet age. cirrus mare’s tails are the highest common clouds dat form in dee troposphere, 5 to 12 kilometers. they are composed of ice crystals. i haz seen chem trails turn into mare’s tails on numerous occasions.

but now we have machine exhaust at twice dat height. plus flying at dat boundary of tropo and strato i wud venture dat turbulence is causing doze layers to mix.

dere be mother of pearl and non-nacreous clouds dat form in the stratosphere. day contain, get this, supercooled nitric acid and water droplets and/or
supercooled sulfuric acid in ternary solution. HOT DAM! volcanoes can do this but i wud venture dat high flying “r” plans can inject doze chemicals into the stratosphere.

i’m not a scientist nor do i portray one on TV. but if flight after flight after flight of “r” plans consume 11,000 gallons of fuel and dumps half of dat in the stratosphere i think sumpin goan happen. leest it looks purty.

HD cloud time lapse

i decided to go pro. i bought a canon powershot g7x becuz it does in kamera time lapse in HD. i dream about time lapse clouds. kaint get enough of dem. i figger internet archaeologists will want to know wut dee wedder wuz like bak in dee day during the lords of the last reign.
run diz full screen bab-bee!
so heer it iz:

july 23 2016 clouds

i done did do agin another cloud time lapse. i love looking at clouds. i’ll sit in a cheer and watch ’em roll by. while i do dat i gotz dee old miniDV camcorder out taping it. den i run it true some software and do time lapse. i pick 2 frames per second.

clouds look alive. i sed it be foe, dee erf iz alive. it produced you and me (although we both be half ded). sorta gives a feller perspective. we struggle for money and power, but dat lucky old sun rolls around hebben all day.

mountain lakes loop

asides from cloud time lapse i do traffic time lapse. i slap dee old miniDV on dee dash and cruise.

i went down greenwood lake turn pike and over skyline drive, den 287 south and meandered true mountain lakes and parsippany. from rt 46 i got on powerville rd and taylortown road and den change bridge road and den rt 80 to rt 23 and dome other roads i disremember.

bean an uhmerikan i iz required to consume gaz o leen. i mean waste it. but…if i video it den i haz purpose. i supply content and entertainment. besides, internet archeologists of dee future will want to know wut life wuz like back in dee day meaning today.

cloud time lapse 7-28-16

my new passion is cloud time lapse. the newest release from july 28, 2016. i got dee best front yard for it. i do live in “the skylands”.

so i am using sky studio pro. it tuk me a while to figger it out. one thing wuz trying the different video codecs to see wut one gives me the best quality and smallest file. the defaults are very small files but quality is borderline. some give great quality but huge files.

here’s the latest:

dont clouds look like living things? aint dat wut dee erf iz? a living thing? aint we a part of dat? or are we apart from it? mebbe wut hue manz knead iz a real good @tommik war to totally mess things up.

oh, sure. move to mars. that’ll work. aint we goan to bring our nasty baggage wiff us where ever we go? kaint go to dee beach or skiing or fishing or mountain climbing or go to dee mall. nope, none o’ dem dings. kaint do shit. all dee life az we know it iz already dade. wont it be more cheaper to turn erf inter mars den try and turn mars inter erf? aint dat wut we doing now? aint it?