goan solar 1st day of autumn


i done did do brew coffee, cook oatmeal AND bake brade all free wiff me solar cart. PLUS i mowed dee lawn! wahhoo!

i’m hitting 100 usages witch meens my per event costs are dropping. iffen i spent five hunnerd box to cobble up a solar cart den i’m at 5 box a pop usage. itz probably more closer to 200 events (not keeping good records early)and i dare say next yeer diz time i’m goan to be about 300 events. 10 minnits brew, 15 minnits oatmeal, 1 hour bake brade and 45 minnits mow lawn. not shore how to amortize dat, simplest way iz by event.

i’m practisn fer the zombie ah pox eclipse. lucklishly i doan haz to worry about hoards of looters wanting to grab me stash.

the new lawn mower works well, enough…itz low noise and relatively lite weight. the rear wheels are close to the back cowling. when i pull dee lever to make the wheel height max i can actually walk it down steps without the back cowling catching. the grass in the backyard wuz about 4 inches in spots. i cud see the results of the mower. it didnt even choke or sorta stall. so i iz happy. the cowling iz all plastic and once it cracks, thatz it.

diz morning wuz heavy overcast. i drove to a famous department store to make a credit card payment. i kneeded water filters and this store iz actually very reasonable. i got a 4 pack for 16 bucks. duh local super market charges dat for a 3 pack. by purchasing two 4 packs and another brand of filters i almost saved the cost of gaz for dee trip.

when i returned home and rolled the solar carts out. the sky had brightened by then but mostly klawdee. by the time i ate breakfast and loaded up dee brade machine Shamash appeared in all hiz glory.

boffins at the weather headquarterz say dat sunday will be sunny. so i will roll dee cartz out again and weed whack and shrub trim and power blow duh perimeter all using solar power. sweet!


nite time lapse

kudzu to the canon powershot g7x mark 2. i now know how willy from the simpsons felt when he wanted to marry hiz tractor. the g7x iz a fine camera. i bought it specially because it does time lapse movies right in the camera.

most cameras will do time intervals, a series of still shots that need post processing wiff a computer and additional software.

i use some freeware time lapse software awhen i use miniDV recordings of klawdz and traffic. itz a 3 step process but cheap which iz good. the quality iz acceptable.

the g7x iz HD. i can set the number of frames and the interval. i usually set manual focus for infinity. i let the camera do exposure.

i do lots of daytime lapse but i must make sure the sun iz out of FOV and not beating down on the instrument. boffins say dat duh moon reflects 12% of sun’s light when full. it also filters out harmful infrared and ultra violet rays.
the moon iz safe to point an expensive camera at.

back in dee dayz when i spent lotz of time in the stratosphere of human awareness i often watched klawdz scud in front of duh moon. i done did do lots of real time time lapse. having to work for a living and keeping a schedule based on steady income mostly precludes such behavior. it makes me sad. FUCK THE MAN!

i stayed up late saturday and set up the g7x and ran off 4 time lapse of klawdz scudding across the waxing gibbous moon. there things that happen that dont kair about hue-mans. all master man iz not az important az he wud like to think.

i figger almost everyone wuz busy getting “dronk” or wasted or stoned or engaging in recreational sex, except for me. i did actually watch klawdz scudding across dee moon but mostly i let the camera do it. i liked it.

itz sed dat the universe iz az close az the veins in yur neck. dat concept iz the same az watching klawdz scud across duh moon. itz ben happening before deer were even hue-mans and will happen after deer arent any hue-mans.

folks think dat klawdz dont move becuz of still photography. some klawdz do move slowly like the minnit or hour handz of a clock. otherz, if one pauses for more than minnit, can be seen to move at a goodly clip. who wants to “waste” 15 minnits to watch klawdz roll by? no m any. gotta do dat hustle. lotz moe impotant.

i sorta gave up on dat bullshit. i am exempt from some madness and i embrace other madness.i am a weird wolf of curmudgeon, AHHHHH-OOOOOO!

terror jizzum

i wanted to pop over to duh city, dat iz new york city, and see some viking long boat. deez doodz built a replica and sailed it across dee atlantic ocean. HOT DAM!

the weather wuz/iz/will be klawdy wiff sprinkles early and steady alter. which iz fine mebbe keeping duh crowdz down. i dash out to super market to gather some possibles. the radio sez sum bomb explosion in NYC wiff massive street closures. nix me trip.

goobermint officials say it aint terror jizzum. but the news reports dat 29 pipples hurt and hundreds scattered in fear. well, if dat aint terror jizzum what iz?

i myself haz become a victim of terror jizzum. my recreational jaunt over to see the viking long boat haz ben canceled. the boat iz only here for 9 dayz from friday past i, i miss out.

related, the goobermint iz doing massive road repairs on rt 3 lincoln tunnel and extra volume on rt 4 for gwb and also the holland tunnel. dat might have ben a deal breaker alone but coupled wiff the bomb explosion itz a no go.

duh last time i went to duh city wuz on new year’s day 2016 9 months ago. besides from diz most recent terror jizzum attack i haz ben reading lotz about random violence in duh city. pussins bean pushed in front of subway cars, motorized vehicles jumping the curb and plowing into pedestrians, homeless or mentally disturbed pipples attacking passers by.

deer are 8 million folks living in dee grape steak of new jerky which iz 60 miles wide and 180 miles long, about. but 8 million pipple live in the NYC. i doan know iffen dat concentration haz anything to to wiff anything.

goobermint officials say dat deer is no motive, no one claimed responsibility, yet. and.. deer wuz an explosion in my state (new jerky) duh day before and duh goobermint doan know if dey be related…an… another device wuz found and neutralized!

i stayed up late and red the AP wire but it didnt mention any thing about bombs. but den i notice dat the main stream media iz censoring duh newz.
example, for many weeks some native uhmerikans have been protesting a pipe line through sacred areas. i read about about a week before deer wuz any mention in the AP wire.

i’m a news hound a i read ap, upi, reuters and the local rags on line.
not a peep. speaking of pipelines, some pipeline sprung a leak, first small amount den a larger amount now a YUUGE! amount. georgia iz having sporatic gaz shortages and prices are expected to rise along the east coast. well, ap wire didnt mention anything at all. i went out and filled up all my gaz containers. i can only store 12 gallons. one week’s commuting for the job.

look at all deez wars uhmerika iz fighting. just quick mentions no details. and duh enemeies? dey keep changing and den become allies to fight new enemies while previous areas remain in turmoil. the news just aint giving us duh facts.

the main stream media jumped on the pipeline protest just az folks were bean carted away by the man, dat iz duh poe lease! i find it kwear dat a pipe line springs a leak to disrupt gaz distribution and a some bombs explode. iz deer a connection?

i aint a spook. duh various intelligence agencies doan employee me wiff $100k/yr to anal-ize deer data. no, sir! i work in a factory and make just enough to get by without hurting.

karl wolf, god bless hiz soul, sez, “nothing iz nothing and everything iz everything”.

TERROR JIZZUM! they hate us for our freedom so mebbe now iz a good time to take some freedom away. am i right or what?


today, sunday, iz very unsunday, it bean cloudy and drizzly. i had to use mains power to brew coffee and cook oatmeal. some boffins say duh erff iz cooling. even some almanac iz predicting a most snowy and cold winter season.

however, dis summer haz ben hot and sunny from may to early september. i’m counting 18 weeks, dat iz 36 week end dayz. and out of dem 36 dayz i had to only use mains power 6 times. indeed, a few time i had to do sumpin early so i used mains power. 30 times i used my solar carts to brew coffee andcook oatmeal and…get this…bake brade!

all in all i haz ben the right proper eco nazi. i haint preached much about it, it bean routine now. i am sure i saved a buck or two. plus the cost per use of the solar carts iz dropping.

i red sommerz dat the grape steak of new jerky haz a historical record of bean 50% cloudy/sunny. dat means fer every sunny day one haz to get a cloudy day or some dayz wiff part sun/klawdz. if the climate becoming chaotic and more unpredictable den all betz are off. it iz too early to say the erff iz heating up or cooling off.

since i wuz able to use me solar carts so much the roof top panels have ben cranking and spanking back feeding duh grid. heh-hwh! i chuckles to me self.

duh company dat installed the second array haz had some folks call me az a reference. i gather dat folks iz paying 200 bucks a month fer a/c. shit! i paid5 bucks a month fer a/c. i larned dat one haz to shut off a/c at night to get a net savings. usually i leave the one on in de bed room fer comfort. all my winder units have a timer built in. this way i can set it to come on at 7, i or 9 am depending on the heet expected. every hour off saves me.

i am rather shocked at duh price of electricity. i thought i had the highest rates in my state but i guess some folks consume more wiff families.

i may have saved me self 600 hunnerd bucks easy. of course if i getz lotz of snow den the panels dont produce. a 1/4 inch or a foot of snow the panels dont generate. of course it wud be better to get a bunch of 1/4 inch snows which tend to melt fast den a could of 1 footers which may last through to sring.

we shall see what we shall see.

klawd time lapse 9-10-16

deer shore haz ben some kweer klawdz of late. not complaining. dey make great time lapse. september 10th 2016 turned out to be a good day fer time lapsing klawdz.

the first won haz some great sun beams shooting true it. den i caught duh zunzet and den the waxing gibbous moon true klawdz. check it out. az usual a youtube playlist, so momentary blackout between playlist files.

i’m using duh canon powershot g7x mark II. it iz me official klawd kamera. a note: although i did take a time lapse of duh zunzet and duh klawdz blazed orange, later when duh moon wuz higher and duh sky darker the klawdz appear orange again. datz from skyglow, the reflection of millions of sodium vapor street lamps illuminating dee klawdz.

sunday trip to super market.

there used to be two supermarkets in town. won went bankrupt. as i write diz the store iz still empty. so everyone goes to the other won. a big mob scene.

i often stopped by on the way home becuz it wuz on the way home. no moe! it bean too crowded. i remebered another super market the next town over. it just so happens dat the chain dat iz still in buzzness haz a branch the next town over but it iz mob stinko also.

duh reason the other supermarket iz lite on customerz is high prices. still for bean easy to shop wiff no crowds i do buy things there. when i see sumpin on sale or just slightly more i buy. when i need certain other items day caint match i dash to the only supermarket in town as soon az dey open up sunday while everyone iz sleeping “it” off from saturday nite.

still, itz often crowded wiff other refugees suffering from the closure of duh other chain.

today i gotz lucky. although deer were many more folks den when deer wuz two supermarkets it warnt az bad az i seen. i figger weekend after labor and kidz back at skule and the threat of rain making it darkish as compared to sunny brite summer no won went.

i collect me possibles and axed duh lady at dee 20 items or less iffen i cud load and she sed yes. in fact i had bagged everything and checked out befoe dee next customer cued up behind me. i wuz home within the hour of leaving.

duh grocery gawdz had smiled on me. itz a first world blessing.

a trip to DMV

yeerz ago i always went to a hole in dee wall DMV office becuz no one knew it wuz deer and no waits. the grape stake of new jerky shut down a big regional DMV and then all duh other neerby onez got filled up. i found diz out a number of yeerz ago when i went to it to get me auto registration renewed. a mob scene.
for many yeerz i made shore i sent in my mail my renewal. by mail becuz online DMV charges a “convenient” fee. convenient for dem, costly for you.

just in feb this yeer i done did do me other car renewal by mail. i got me 6 month prof of auto insurance card so i went to put dem in dee carz. well! i look at dee registration fer dee 2nd won and see dat it iz expired TEN DAYZ! holy crap, a cop cud pulls me over and get all law and order in me face worse then iffen i wuz transporting illegal drugs or child molesting. i am a white old guy so dey come down heavy becuz i am supposed to cross ever i and dot every t.

i check on line i got 3 months before to 2 months after. well, saturday is tomorrow. last time i went saturday i got deer 30 minnits early and had to spend 30 minnits on line so it tuk an hour. dey open at 8 am so i had to be deer at 7:30.

diz time i got up late, got gaz o lean and didnt get deer to 7:50 am. the line wuz fifty people deep for registration amd mebbe 75 deep for license . it tuk me a half hour to get inside. i wuz duh last pussin let in for dat batch when an official told me and another feller to go to line 7 instead of the registration line. i wuz deer won hour. i left at 8:560 am! duh godz of paperwork were wiff me.

i cudnt figger out why i didnt mail in duh form which i shud have got back in may. i looked around thinking mebbe it slid under the car seat or got stuck in a pile of junk mail.

but…while i wuz waiting in line i herd another feller in back of me tell diz story to the pussin standing next to him.

he wuz to leave at 8:30 dat day to go on vacation so he checking duh car over, brakes tires, etc and paperwork and he sees hiz registration iz expired and sez how he doan know wot happened. mebbe he lost duh notice?

i’m thinking, well, mebbe he didnt get hiz notice either! mebbe duh state “forgets’ to send out a certain percentage of renewal notices. den some folks doan notice the expired, dey get pulled over by a cop for a minor traffic violation and then a court appearance and a hefty fine. plus, after two months past expire a citizen haz to jump through hoops of fire for renewal.

you see, itz duh way duh guy told hiz story. the inflection of hiz voice indicated to me he didnt get the renew notice just like me. he dint say az much, possibly afraid of “the man” coming for him, dat iz duh goobermint.

lucky him, lucky me. sure i spent and hour at DMV but dat iz much better than
dealing wiff an motor traffic constable wiff a gun and a badge and bean pulled over wiff cherries flashing and passers by sniggering.

this hole in dee wall DMV iz still dee best. i wont go to any other. when i left dee line wuz still out dee door and many deep. saturdayz is only to 1 pm so i am glad i got it out of dee way early. i’m legal, an honest citizen in all particulars, my papers are in order,SIR!