bicyclists are stoopid

i haz ben driving around wiff me dash cam recording “rides to nowhere”. i seen some things.

diz wuz all during july and august when it wuz super hot. even at 9 am it bean plus 80 F and no clawdz. just shamash looking down on everyone.

i drove up in farm country and other back roads. lots of deeze roads had no trees for miles going through flat farm pastures. there are slight up and down inclines dat go on for miles.

and heer are deeze bicyclists wearing black speedos. damn! i had the a/c cranking and doing 50 mph. heerz some dumbass mebbe doing 10 mph up a 2 mile incline of 1/2 degree wiff no shade.

i dint see any corner stores or vending machines. i noticed dat deeze bicyclists traveled light. dey shore warnt packing anything bulky like water bottles.

iffen yoze be doing a 3 hour or more stint in blaring hot sun and air i think dat even resting one kneads to consume a certain amount of water dat duh bicyclists i sawr didnt have.

by car my loop tuk 90 minnits by bike i wud imagine much longer. so no wonder bicyclists are whacky. they must be cooking wearing black clothes in strong summer sun and dehydrated from not drinking enough water. i think dat means dey are cranky and take it out on folks driving by, such as swerving out into traffic.

if it wuz only one guy i wud say, sure, one idiot who doan unnerstand physics but no, itz an army of stoopid bicyclists. so itz 80 at 9 am and goan up to 90 plus. SHIT!

this summer wuz so hot dat even ice agers had to lay off on duh cooling erff theory. often it wuz 75 or more at sunrise, AT SUNRISE! some of deeze roads are
out of dee way. so bicyclists have to suffer true it. i doan kair how physically fit you are. you do hard work in hot sun wearing black clothes wiff little water, you suffer.

it calls into question the bicyclist mentality. bicyclists say, “share the road” then go on to hog it from cars. in duh parks dey seldom yield to pedestrians making them step aside. bicyclists want it both ways.

i question the bicyclist way of thinking. it cant be healthy. black clothes in summer sun doing hard work and lack of water intake. if dey kaint get dat right what else are dey doing wrong?

AND…the wearing of black speedos mean dey haz ben brainwashed by advertising. why doesnt speedo make white reflective clothing for duh summer? well? why?

fashion over function? consider it. the bicyclist ethos is questionable at best.
how can i entertain an opinion from a pussin like dat. i noticed a lack of diversity in bicyclists, not too many wimminz or folks of color. of course dat kud jest be the area i drove true and not representitive.

even doh itz september i herd itz to be hot agin. so try it yurself. wait for a mid 80’s or higher day and dressin black shorts and a black tee shirt and step out in duh sun for a few hours wiff a pint bottle of water and take a wok down a street wiffout shade. get back to me about yur experience. dont cheat and rest or get more water. JUST DO IT!


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