burning man = uhmerika

so you tink dat uhmerika is some grate place wiff diversity and rainbows all over. nope. itz murder and mayhem. look at burning man.

a temporary excuse to drop out of society and do art and drugs and dance in the middle of the dessert. some rich people set up a techno oasis but forgot to invite duh die hard core lokel yokels so the white trash vandalized it.

so much for inclusiveness and diversity. but den look at any big city. chicago, detroit, paterson. all sorts of vandalism and illegal drug use and wanton random killings. yeah! usa! usa! number one!

white ocean, the rich enclave iz supposed to be back by a russian oligarch as opposed to an uhmerikan oligarch. well, aint uhmerika bombing the crap out of numerous countries as we speak causing the displacement of millions of refugees?

hey, all doze refugees are doing their own burning man thang. get it?


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