terror jizzum

i wanted to pop over to duh city, dat iz new york city, and see some viking long boat. deez doodz built a replica and sailed it across dee atlantic ocean. HOT DAM!

the weather wuz/iz/will be klawdy wiff sprinkles early and steady alter. which iz fine mebbe keeping duh crowdz down. i dash out to super market to gather some possibles. the radio sez sum bomb explosion in NYC wiff massive street closures. nix me trip.

goobermint officials say it aint terror jizzum. but the news reports dat 29 pipples hurt and hundreds scattered in fear. well, if dat aint terror jizzum what iz?

i myself haz become a victim of terror jizzum. my recreational jaunt over to see the viking long boat haz ben canceled. the boat iz only here for 9 dayz from friday past i, i miss out.

related, the goobermint iz doing massive road repairs on rt 3 lincoln tunnel and extra volume on rt 4 for gwb and also the holland tunnel. dat might have ben a deal breaker alone but coupled wiff the bomb explosion itz a no go.

duh last time i went to duh city wuz on new year’s day 2016 9 months ago. besides from diz most recent terror jizzum attack i haz ben reading lotz about random violence in duh city. pussins bean pushed in front of subway cars, motorized vehicles jumping the curb and plowing into pedestrians, homeless or mentally disturbed pipples attacking passers by.

deer are 8 million folks living in dee grape steak of new jerky which iz 60 miles wide and 180 miles long, about. but 8 million pipple live in the NYC. i doan know iffen dat concentration haz anything to to wiff anything.

goobermint officials say dat deer is no motive, no one claimed responsibility, yet. and.. deer wuz an explosion in my state (new jerky) duh day before and duh goobermint doan know if dey be related…an… another device wuz found and neutralized!

i stayed up late and red the AP wire but it didnt mention any thing about bombs. but den i notice dat the main stream media iz censoring duh newz.
example, for many weeks some native uhmerikans have been protesting a pipe line through sacred areas. i read about about a week before deer wuz any mention in the AP wire.

i’m a news hound a i read ap, upi, reuters and the local rags on line.
not a peep. speaking of pipelines, some pipeline sprung a leak, first small amount den a larger amount now a YUUGE! amount. georgia iz having sporatic gaz shortages and prices are expected to rise along the east coast. well, ap wire didnt mention anything at all. i went out and filled up all my gaz containers. i can only store 12 gallons. one week’s commuting for the job.

look at all deez wars uhmerika iz fighting. just quick mentions no details. and duh enemeies? dey keep changing and den become allies to fight new enemies while previous areas remain in turmoil. the news just aint giving us duh facts.

the main stream media jumped on the pipeline protest just az folks were bean carted away by the man, dat iz duh poe lease! i find it kwear dat a pipe line springs a leak to disrupt gaz distribution and a some bombs explode. iz deer a connection?

i aint a spook. duh various intelligence agencies doan employee me wiff $100k/yr to anal-ize deer data. no, sir! i work in a factory and make just enough to get by without hurting.

karl wolf, god bless hiz soul, sez, “nothing iz nothing and everything iz everything”.

TERROR JIZZUM! they hate us for our freedom so mebbe now iz a good time to take some freedom away. am i right or what?


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