most skeevy candidate


wen you go vote for duh uhmerikan president you will be voting for the most fucked up pussin in uhmerika.

ax yurself, who iz more fucked up? hillary or trump?

looks like a tie to me.

both those assholes dont care about yoy. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU.

heh-heh! yur goan to pull dee lever and get fucked up the ass by a red, white and blue dildo. yes, you are.

iz hillary goan send you a box of home made cookies iffen she gets in dee white house? iz trumps accountant goan to do yer taxes so you doan haz to pay nuttin?

FART! dey be bought and sold. if dey can make an extra buck on each one of youse dey can kill off dey wud do it it.

where iz ralph nader when you really knead him? lordy how i want to waste my vote on a turd party candidate.

the lesser of two evils iz still evil. dat shud be uhmerika’s motto.


“ugly” solar panels

elon musk ox sez dat solar panels are ugly becuz he iz selling solar panels dat are integrated as shingles.

but…every time i look at my solar panels they appear as a vision of beauty! just this summer of 2016 alone i haz saved $1200. i got “free” a/c. iffen dat iz ugly den count me in.

i haint seen any specs on musk ox’s solar shingles. how expensive installed? need a tesla wall?

i like the siny deep blue of solar panels i tink they make homes look all sci fi.

today i used a solar cart to bake braid. it wuz bright sun for an hour.

elon musk ox sez we live in a computer generated “matrix”. elommusk ox wants to drop @tommik bombs on mars.

fuck elon musk ox.

jvc gr-d250


miniDV used to be the best there wuz for consumers to record video. it blew vhs and beta out of the water.

i bought two jvc gr-d250 minidv kamkorders. i think dey were $130 brand new from some famous mail order place. dat meenz dat miniDV wuz obsolete.

back in dee day i thought i wuz goan to do va-va-video real serious like. instead i got back into digital still photography. it warnt until much later when even cheap point and shots tuk better video dan deez kamkorders dat i dragged the jvc’s out of dee closet. it bean 7 yeerz deez thaings sat round. i started doing time lapse of klawdz and den traffic, riding in a car out dee winder traffic.

i think i put 100 hours on one kamkorder. i wuz using another jvc minidv for play back. so i am talking about 100 hours recording only. just recently i noticed the definition going down and the the audio wud cut in and out. of cousre i ran a head cleaning tape true it. no good. i tried a new tape, no good.

heerz the kicker, the twin gr-d250 started doinf the same thing! it maybe had 10 hours of use and recording only. low res and audio cutting out. an internet search revealed dat jvc kamkorders suffered from this defect. there are whole blog threads just about this problem. not just the d250 series but across many different model types.

the thing sat around for 7 yeerz and then i subjected it to jostling rides in a car.

why did the other low hour kamkorder start doing the same thing? iz there a date set in an on board to chip to make the device malfunction?

i saw a youtube video about some guy wuz able to fix hiz jvc kamkorder by turning a cap screw on a tape guide pin dat aligned the tape wiff dee head.

i tried it but it didnt work. it made it worse.

this model has a video composite out along with stereo audio. i have duh cable dat came wiff it. i also have one of doze personal video recorders dat haz composite video and stereo input.

i wuz able to record from the kamkorder into the PVR. i will burn a dvd and see how good it iz. my logic bean i think it iz the tape mechanism and itz encoding electronics.

the other jvc model i use for playback haz s-vhs jack on it and i use dat to transfer to dvd.

maybe these are disposable electronics. the warranty wuz for 90 day! who still uses miniDV? i do have a full HD kamkorder that records right to SD card. when i use it for traffic i can freeze frame and read license plates of passing carz.

i have a dash cam that wont even do that.

it wuz always my intention to use up the kamkorder and toss it anyway. i’ll hold on to it if ic an use it as a video pickup device and record into an external device.

this iz wut amazes me. the kamkorder is full of gears and motors and IC chips and iz ultra compact and when it worked it worked great! for $130 i had wut wuz considered better than broadcast video for 30 yeerz before it wuz marketed.

why vote?

why vote?

iz hillary goan send me a box of her own home baked cookies? are my wages goan up and my taxes down?

i can ax dee same things of trump.

why iz it we must only have two choices? toilet paper, tooth paste, gaz o leen, condoms, snack crackers, over the counter cough medicine, you name it we got choices.

except when it kumz to presidient. den you only get two. “it’s too confusing!”
wut we need is a rip roaring run off election.

look at the caliber of the people we are presented with. trump and hillary. those are the choices “they” give me. either one will be a disaster for the common folks of uhmerika. both bought and sold by TPTB. trump iz right the elections are rigged. becuz no matter who gets in you lose.

yeah, shore, keep on thinking dat just becuz you voted for him or her dey iz goan to take kair of you.

doan worry, dey have plans to take kair of you. take kair of you all.


uhmerika iz fucked

i reed duh nooze. uhmerika iz fucked. hillary? trump? you gotta be kidding me. the binary nature of uhmerikan politics is making everyone bipolar.

both of the candidates are not fit to be presidient.

do you really think hillary iz goan send you abox of home made cookies iffen she gets elected? hillary caters to the rich and powerful and lies to everyone else.

same wiff trump. heez an actor just az much az ronald raygun. did you ever see the apprentice? but i sawr a bunch of old youtube clips of him sounding all lucid. who iz the reel donald trump? iz deer a real donald trump?

he caters to duh rich and powerful just as much az hillary. when you yur boy or girl getz in are you goan have an orgazzim? forever?

O!bama iz duh greatest black president uhmerika haz ever had becuz he iz duh only black president uhmerika haz ever had. iffen hillary getz in she will be the greatest female presidient becuz she iz the only female president. trump iz an old rich white guy so he haz lotz of competition.

why haz uhmerika ben at war for dee last 8 yeerz and why did O!bama get the nobel peace prize?

in 6 months or a yeer after yur boy or girl getz in and you see you didnt get yur box of home made cookies or dee big tax break den what? will the orgazzim weer off? withdrawal? will you convince yurself you boy or girl can do no wrong?
FART! fart i say. uhmerika iz fucked.

the rivh and powerful win becuz dey backed two candidates dat will do wut dey want and not wut you want.

who ever wins we lose


sometimes you jest haz to look at dee big pik chure. it’s true trump iz a buffoon and a creepy clown but hillary is no better. both fakes, both sold out. do you really think dsat hillary iz goan to bake you some cookies iffen she becomes president? fart1 she goan cook yur ass datz wut. expect doubly yoo double you tree and mushruin cloudz and millions ded.

my conspiracy iz dat trump wuz put up to make hillary win. all dat shit about hiz altitude on womminz haz ben knowed a long time. why wud a guy wiff such negative traits run for president? but den why wud hillary. deerz a broad wiff plenty of baggage.

now i still think trump wud make a better president becuz all the late nite comedians wud have lotz of material to use to make us laff. boffins say dat laffing makes you live longer.

i thought trump iz/wuz/will be an ass becuz of the apprentice. on the other hand i seen lotz of youtube videos of stuff he sed back in dee day and he seems to be a lucid and quite knowledgeable.

i’m shore hillary calls black people niggers. i’m white trash to her. iffen she cud make a buck by nooquing me and a bunch of other white trash she wud do it.

i will be glad when the horse and pony show iz over. we aint getting nuthin good. who ever wins, we lose.

croozin in duh drizzle

sunday warnt very sunny. i had to use mains power to brew coffee and cook oat meal.

around noon i tuk a drive. it cost me 6 box in gaz. 287 south, rt 10 west, rt 46 east, 287 north and country road west to duh old homestead. when i left the main road in my town wuz chocked with chapooka. lotz of carz doing the apple fest or sumpin.

the highway wuz moderate and rt 10 and rt 46 having lotz of lights warnt near bad for an unpleasant sunday afternoon. but datz duh reason i went. crappy, chilly drizzly. i shudder to think wot traffic wud be like iffen it wuz a nice day. in which case i wud have stayed home and tended the solar carts.

witch wuz inner resting. i originally thought i wud head north and meander through some back woodz roadz. lucklishly i didnt. seemz everyone wuz goan harvesting. i actually went in duh other direction. some times one has to fool the gawdz and TPTB. on duh way back az i got inter duh woodz up my way traffic wuz only moderate and lite in spotz. i guess folks got to wear dey wuz goan around noon and havent turned back by too ish.

wot wuz really kwear wuz i didnt see any major ass holery on duh road. the usual fer shore, no signaling, weaving and other inconsiderate driving habits. still, i didnt have to honk duh horn or take evasive action so i counts me self very lucky indeed.

heerz me commute to know wear: