croozin in duh drizzle

sunday warnt very sunny. i had to use mains power to brew coffee and cook oat meal.

around noon i tuk a drive. it cost me 6 box in gaz. 287 south, rt 10 west, rt 46 east, 287 north and country road west to duh old homestead. when i left the main road in my town wuz chocked with chapooka. lotz of carz doing the apple fest or sumpin.

the highway wuz moderate and rt 10 and rt 46 having lotz of lights warnt near bad for an unpleasant sunday afternoon. but datz duh reason i went. crappy, chilly drizzly. i shudder to think wot traffic wud be like iffen it wuz a nice day. in which case i wud have stayed home and tended the solar carts.

witch wuz inner resting. i originally thought i wud head north and meander through some back woodz roadz. lucklishly i didnt. seemz everyone wuz goan harvesting. i actually went in duh other direction. some times one has to fool the gawdz and TPTB. on duh way back az i got inter duh woodz up my way traffic wuz only moderate and lite in spotz. i guess folks got to wear dey wuz goan around noon and havent turned back by too ish.

wot wuz really kwear wuz i didnt see any major ass holery on duh road. the usual fer shore, no signaling, weaving and other inconsiderate driving habits. still, i didnt have to honk duh horn or take evasive action so i counts me self very lucky indeed.

heerz me commute to know wear:


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