jvc gr-d250


miniDV used to be the best there wuz for consumers to record video. it blew vhs and beta out of the water.

i bought two jvc gr-d250 minidv kamkorders. i think dey were $130 brand new from some famous mail order place. dat meenz dat miniDV wuz obsolete.

back in dee day i thought i wuz goan to do va-va-video real serious like. instead i got back into digital still photography. it warnt until much later when even cheap point and shots tuk better video dan deez kamkorders dat i dragged the jvc’s out of dee closet. it bean 7 yeerz deez thaings sat round. i started doing time lapse of klawdz and den traffic, riding in a car out dee winder traffic.

i think i put 100 hours on one kamkorder. i wuz using another jvc minidv for play back. so i am talking about 100 hours recording only. just recently i noticed the definition going down and the the audio wud cut in and out. of cousre i ran a head cleaning tape true it. no good. i tried a new tape, no good.

heerz the kicker, the twin gr-d250 started doinf the same thing! it maybe had 10 hours of use and recording only. low res and audio cutting out. an internet search revealed dat jvc kamkorders suffered from this defect. there are whole blog threads just about this problem. not just the d250 series but across many different model types.

the thing sat around for 7 yeerz and then i subjected it to jostling rides in a car.

why did the other low hour kamkorder start doing the same thing? iz there a date set in an on board to chip to make the device malfunction?

i saw a youtube video about some guy wuz able to fix hiz jvc kamkorder by turning a cap screw on a tape guide pin dat aligned the tape wiff dee head.

i tried it but it didnt work. it made it worse.

this model has a video composite out along with stereo audio. i have duh cable dat came wiff it. i also have one of doze personal video recorders dat haz composite video and stereo input.

i wuz able to record from the kamkorder into the PVR. i will burn a dvd and see how good it iz. my logic bean i think it iz the tape mechanism and itz encoding electronics.

the other jvc model i use for playback haz s-vhs jack on it and i use dat to transfer to dvd.

maybe these are disposable electronics. the warranty wuz for 90 day! who still uses miniDV? i do have a full HD kamkorder that records right to SD card. when i use it for traffic i can freeze frame and read license plates of passing carz.

i have a dash cam that wont even do that.

it wuz always my intention to use up the kamkorder and toss it anyway. i’ll hold on to it if ic an use it as a video pickup device and record into an external device.

this iz wut amazes me. the kamkorder is full of gears and motors and IC chips and iz ultra compact and when it worked it worked great! for $130 i had wut wuz considered better than broadcast video for 30 yeerz before it wuz marketed.


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