uhmerika iz fucked

i reed duh nooze. uhmerika iz fucked. hillary? trump? you gotta be kidding me. the binary nature of uhmerikan politics is making everyone bipolar.

both of the candidates are not fit to be presidient.

do you really think hillary iz goan send you abox of home made cookies iffen she gets elected? hillary caters to the rich and powerful and lies to everyone else.

same wiff trump. heez an actor just az much az ronald raygun. did you ever see the apprentice? but i sawr a bunch of old youtube clips of him sounding all lucid. who iz the reel donald trump? iz deer a real donald trump?

he caters to duh rich and powerful just as much az hillary. when you yur boy or girl getz in are you goan have an orgazzim? forever?

O!bama iz duh greatest black president uhmerika haz ever had becuz he iz duh only black president uhmerika haz ever had. iffen hillary getz in she will be the greatest female presidient becuz she iz the only female president. trump iz an old rich white guy so he haz lotz of competition.

why haz uhmerika ben at war for dee last 8 yeerz and why did O!bama get the nobel peace prize?

in 6 months or a yeer after yur boy or girl getz in and you see you didnt get yur box of home made cookies or dee big tax break den what? will the orgazzim weer off? withdrawal? will you convince yurself you boy or girl can do no wrong?
FART! fart i say. uhmerika iz fucked.

the rivh and powerful win becuz dey backed two candidates dat will do wut dey want and not wut you want.

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