most skeevy candidate


wen you go vote for duh uhmerikan president you will be voting for the most fucked up pussin in uhmerika.

ax yurself, who iz more fucked up? hillary or trump?

looks like a tie to me.

both those assholes dont care about yoy. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU.

heh-heh! yur goan to pull dee lever and get fucked up the ass by a red, white and blue dildo. yes, you are.

iz hillary goan send you a box of home made cookies iffen she gets in dee white house? iz trumps accountant goan to do yer taxes so you doan haz to pay nuttin?

FART! dey be bought and sold. if dey can make an extra buck on each one of youse dey can kill off dey wud do it it.

where iz ralph nader when you really knead him? lordy how i want to waste my vote on a turd party candidate.

the lesser of two evils iz still evil. dat shud be uhmerika’s motto.


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