the martial chronicles

i didnt misspell the martian chronicles. i’m talking about a 1957 movie from japan called Ninjitsu. it rates up there with uhmerikan movies such as shane or high lonesome. i recommend you watch it wiff english subtitles.
here’s a youtube link for all itz worth:


EM…what can it do?

NASA boffins say dat the EM drive works but no one knows how.

but what can it do? it takes 1 kilowatt to get 1.5 mn of thrust. i got solar panels on my roof. i know how big a panel has to be to produce 1 KW. NASA haz special solar panels dat are twice as effective as duh wons dey let us peons use.

iz duh technology scalable? if i make a EM cone twice az big az dee wons we be playing wit will it produce more thrust?

if i dump 2 KW into a typical EM cone will it double the thrust? deez questions aint bean answered.

suppose i want to send a 2 ton rover to mars. how big duz the EM cone have to be? about the size of the wonz i see on the internet? about a cubic foot? will it have to be much bigger?

shore, it doan need fuel but it still needz an energy input. the conversion ratio iz something like .001%. my wood burning stove iz much more efficient!

besides the mass of the rover we must include the protective casing, any landing deployment devices, the EM drive it self and solar panels to juice it.

we must remember dat half way to the voyage, the EM drive haz to slow down dee spaceship to enter orbit. and wut of insertion? can duh EM do quick changes or do we have to bring propellant along to do dat?

i’m just saying. exactly how practical iz dis thing? why isnt anyone doing calculations?

Trumpelstiltskin SPEEKS!

heerz Trumpelstiltskin’s transition video. doan seem much like a mad man to me. i speks i can agree wiff almost everything he sed. we shall see what we shall see.

six degrees of Trumpelstiltskin

i walked by trump tower on new yeerz day 2016. datz about az close az i expect to get to Trumpelstiltskin. it wuz completely desserted. i think i wuz duh only won walking true dee concourse.

but mebbe someone reading my blog nose someone who nose someone, ect., and can relay dis message:

Trumpelstiltskin should have a national lottery for hiz POTUS salary. MAN! cud you imagine how popular Trumpelstiltskin wud become?

iffen you got a valid soc sec # den you are entered. the number can be chosen on TV wiff all programming preempted! imagine duh ratings!

Trumpelstiltskin iz so rich he doan knead no chump change like POTUS celery. but i do and you do.

every yeer for 8 yeerz (sic) we can hold duh lootery, i mean lottery. and…And…AND! who ever wins can be POTUS for a day and hang wiff Trumpelstiltskin.

gotta think big.

EM drives and “zero” fuel

Em drives use microwaves in a cone to produce thrust. NASA has vetted it so it must be true.

“Thrust data from forward, reverse, and null suggested that the system was consistently performing at 1.2 +/- 0.1 mNkW,…”

i want to know how massive a spaceship can this thing propel. can it send a 2 ton rover to mars in 90 days or just some mini cube?

it needs power, most likely solar power or thermal @tommik. the thing doesnt work without input. it takes a kilowatt to get 1.2mN of thrust acceleration.

acceleration iz this thing’s beauty.

why iznt elon musk ox all over dis? or amazon bozo? aint they the smartest menz on erff? wen i heer dey are in on it den i know it workz.


Trumpelstiltskin is POTUS elect and he show iz stacking hiz cabinet in a queer way.

why does Trumpelstiltskin need duh blessings of mitt romney? everyone agreed he wuz/is/will be an asshole from when mitty ran for president. why iz the corrupt and beholden media reinventing him az an elder statesman? WTF!?!?!

i live in dee grape steak of new jerky. or goobernator, the corrupt and corpulent crispy crisp, iz visiting wiff Trumpelstiltskin at hiz private golf course. i wish Trumpelstiltskin wud give crispy crisp a job in washington to get fat boy out of dee state. but still, wut sort of men iz Trumpelstiltskin surrounding hiz self wiff?

the corrupt and beholden media tells everyone to get out and vote but doesnt bother to point out duh less than satisfactory choices we get to vote for. wutz up wiff dat? seems like some one, say, TPTB, are vetting assholes and then legitimizing these bastids becuz,”everyone got out and voted”. how can my vote matter if i get to vote for asshole #1 or asshole #2?

it just seemz dat about half of the pippl like one asshole over duh udder. “my asshole iz slightly less assholery than urine”. wut we larned iz dat TPTB put up two assholes and pippl will vote for an asshole. purty slick trick.

the power of the son

today i done did do brew coffee and make oatmeal and bake braid all wiff dee power of dee son. old shamash sees all.

wut i find inneresting and even uhmazing iz dat i wud have done so even if hillary had won.

it doan matter who won. i haz to do wut i haz to do.

i sawr a bunch of chem trails chalk marking the cerulean sky. iffen hillary had won wud chem trails be wiped away? since trump won we can expect cobwebs to criss cross the sky?

it just seems dat hillary iz an evil pussin becuz her followers doan know how to accept dee feet. mebbe she iz all give trump a chance, blah-blah-blah an all dee time plotting revolution.

wud trump’s disappointed masses done dee same? wut iz happeneing in a parallel universe where hillary won?

i drove true pennsey a few times in october. i saw many large trump signs. i drove true upstate ny a few times and saw many trump signs. i seen some hillary signs but not as many as trump. anecdotally it seems trump had the popular vote.

back heer in dee grape steak of new jerky i didnt see many signs at all until a week before dee election. bumper stickers were rare. i think my fellow citizens realize it’s a fucking joke. once a candidate gets dey do wut ever dey want afterwards. it just seems dat goobermint and doze in power represent demselves an nothing else matters.

i haznt ben bought off or had false promises made to me so i didnt vote becuz i didnt like the choice of assholes dey gave me. hillary got bought off big time to dee tune of two hundred fifty million dollars! why shud i give my vote away for free and not get sumpin in return, like livable soc sec or unem when my job tanks or real health insurance.

still, i wud have voted for trump iffen he had done sumpin for me. mow my lawn, hold dee ladder while i cleened dee gutterz. help me change dee oil in dee car? hillary cud have done az much but nope, Nope, NOPE!

boffins say 90 million voters, such az me self, didnt vote. i wander why.


iffen dee weather remains salubrious on the morrow i’ll jest brew coffee and make oatmeal using solar power. fuck ’em both.

one’s happiness shudnt depend on what asshole getz elected president. one’s anger shudnt depend on wut asshole iz elected president.