prick? or? cunt?

so whazz itz goan be? prick? or? cunt?

dat iz dee choice we haz right now. aint it funny? i say dat TPTB set this up and are laffing at all the rubes thinking their boy or girl iz goan take kair of dem after dee election. TPTB know dat who ever getz in iz goan to take kair of the voters by fucking them over HARD.

we all getting a big red, white and blue dildo stuck up our asses. trump iz a billionaire and will take kair of billionaires. hillary iz on dee take and sold us out for OUR bowl of poor ridge and OUR 30 pieces of silver.

i live in dee grape steak of new jerky and crispy crisp iz our very corpulent and corrupt gooberner. he wuz so loved and won in a typical 1% “land slide” 2nd term. but now he iz hated. evey gooberner i can think of haz ben heralded az dee new messiah yet left wiff dee hatred of the vast majority.

a new guy running for gooberner sez he haz our backs, sure wiff a knife stuck in dem. duh only piplz who run for high office are the very piplz we doan want in high office.

take O!bama (please). we wont find out all hiz misdeeds until after the bum iz out. O!bama will go down in history as the best and worst black president. but i make a prediction. hiz old lady iz goan run fer president.

uhmerika is fucked royally. i really doan wanna vote but i lean towards trump becuz at least he will be outrageously entertaining.

the only way i wud vote for hillary iz if gawkwer posted her lesbian interracial sex tape.

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