in spite of

i done did do brew coffee and bake brade today. ben franklin, an olde tyme asshole, invented daylight savings time. of course nothing is saved. itz just marketing.

for duh past few weeks i had to use mains power for oatmeal and coffee becuz the sun does rise later due to the erff’s orbital tilt. my drive way isnt solarized until 10 am EDT. but now on EST the driveway iz solarized at 9 pm.

i had some things to early for a few weekends so i just made breakfast with the grid.

a sides from dat, election day iz two dayz away. i am still thinking of voting for trump becuz of the entertainment value. hillary iz a stodgy old crook who covers her tracks too well. i’m still waiting for the lesbian interracial sex tape to be posted to gawker.

the drought the north eastern you knighted steaks iz having iz really a boon for dee roof top solar. i suppose i’ll get it back in spades one day wiff months of cloudy weather. it haz happened before just not dis time.

i still se klawdz dough. usually there is a solid clear and bright sun for many hours den some klawdz roll in 50/50 and some brief periods of overcast. same at night.

in the future inner net archeologists may want to know wot dee weather wuz like back in dee day of the lords of the last. i like to think my youtube videos may be helpful in dat regard, sort of like the logs of british ships back in the 1800’s.

heerz a vid to check out:


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