wot iz tyme?


dat olde tyme asshat ben franklin invented daylight savings time. just becuz he wants to get up early i haz to. daylight savings time iz an indiustrial way of fucking over duh workers.

wot if i wanna stay up late to look for meat eaterz, dat iz shoostink starz? nope, i haz to get up an hour early to work for duh MAN.

i wish i cud time travel to ben franklin’s time and while he wuz farting proudly in a bath tub with a strumpet and shoot him dead. so wot if hitler tuk over dee world or 9-11 never happened, i’d DO IT!

today sunday i “got dat hour back”. i am willing to compromise. let’s just jog dee o’clock 30 minnits forward and leave it dat way for ever. dis way we still benefit from bright summer mornings but we cut out all dat dad plumb back and forth shit once and for all. itz bullshit. sure, time can be anything. boffins say itz imaginary any way. but let us imagine a world wiffout daylight savings time.

consider a 30 minnit leap dat iz forever! i bet bars and pubs wud like dat. den we can commune wiff nature and watch duh days grow long and short again wiffout any man made tinkering. if one life iz safed becuz some doodz circadian cycles aint all messed up and smashes his car den it wuz worth it. and mebbe dat guy wont smash into you.

heerz another time lapse:


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