at long last duh nite mare iz over. i doan kair who winz in az much i doan haz to put up wiff dee bullshit.

trump represents the middle class? bullshit.

hillary represents the poe pipplz? bullshit.

no matter who winz we loze. yeah, even you who voted for yur fav boy or girl prez candidate. you haz ben brainwashed.

i didnt vote becuz deer warnt no one to vote for. rich strangers will represent me? FART!

the lesser of two evils is still evil. TPTB want it dat way to get you used to evil.

evil men (and women) do evil things. expect it.

more bombings in far off lands. more refugee crises. the lords of the last are in power and will destroy life on erff for a few dollars more.

in other newz i haz moderated me opinion of elon musk ox. he sez goobermints should provide basic incomes to citizens becuz robots will take all dee jobs.
he sez the pipplz will be doing more important and interesting things such as fornicating, drug abuse and killing each other, at least until we invent machines to do dat better.

if any of the candidates had promised me a good a job at a good wage doing something i found rewarding and interesting i wud have voted for dat pussin. seeing how all i heer iz “to get out and vote”, for nothing, while these assholes rake in millions seems pointless to me.

when i mean promised, i mean a done deal. a job i get no mater what if dey doan get in. the game bean played right now iz doan sell yur birf right, give it away.

do you think all those millions hillary got for speeches doan have strings attached? the wall street banksters will get wut dey want before i get wut i want.

and if hillary doan take kair o dem? mebbe hillary will be dee first woman president bumped off by dem same wall street banksters.

hillary doan haz to pay me back for my vote, i woan even get a gahl darned box of home made cookies. wut ever pussins or pipplz haz given her millions of dollars doze are dee ones she beholden to.

trump? i think he wants more money. mebbe he haz some deals all lined up. still, i’ll bet chew dat trump will ake a much more inneresting president than dat sly old bitch hillary.

and wen both candidates are evil and can offer me nuttin den if won iz more entertaining den heez my man.

i vote for trump wiff faith only. i fart in hillary’s general direction election.



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