duh sky iz falling!

wen i went to bed last knight i didnt know who won. i did expect dat wen i awoke duh streets wud be paved wiff gold and black helicopters wud be dumping hunnerd dollar bills to dee huddled masses. dat iz the subliminal message both candidates were beaming out from the control towers.

it wuz wiff grape disappointment when i stirred from me slumber to THE SAME OLD SHIT!

i admit i voted for trump spiritually. elon musk ox, the smartest man on dee erf sez we all live in a computer simulation. just by thinking about trump winning i knew he wud. i done did do jest like neo in dee matrix. i still havent mastered dat superman thing yet. quantum voting, datz duh ticket. spooky action at a distance.

some folks say dat uhmerika iznt ready for a woman president. itz just dat uhmerika aint ready for DAT woman to be president.

i say half dee pippls want trump and half wanted hillary. itz a fore gone conclusion dat half dee pipplz goan be disappointed when dee poles close.
this time it happened to be the clintonites.

i had a choice of two low caliber candidates, each wiff their own baggage. i remain highly doubtful of their qualifications. if i wuz to vote, which i didnt i wud have to have voted for trump becuz of hiz entertainment value. if i be goan to hell in a hand basket i want to be entertained on dee way down.

i perceive both to be low life scum bags who do anything for a buck. both are incompetent buffoons. still trump haz style. he does hiz thang. lays it on the barrel head. “heer i iz, in yur face”. hillary sneeks around all two faced trying to convince everyone she’s your bisexual mother.

everyone i ever voted for lost. i figger my vote iz duh kiss of death. so i didnt vote and look wut happened.

iffen some one had sent me some money i wud have sold me vote. i didnt want to waste it for nuttin.

i still had to go to the town hall and pay me property taxes. dat didnt change. when i get paid tomorrow i still get just enough money to get by. dat didnt change.

the election amounted to a bunch of who-eee. i iz glad itz over. iffen trump turns out to be less of an asshole i think he iz i might vote for him next time. if he iz an asshole i’ll vote for him, the kiss of death. dat ill learn him.

no knooques to knight.


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