six degrees of Trumpelstiltskin

i walked by trump tower on new yeerz day 2016. datz about az close az i expect to get to Trumpelstiltskin. it wuz completely desserted. i think i wuz duh only won walking true dee concourse.

but mebbe someone reading my blog nose someone who nose someone, ect., and can relay dis message:

Trumpelstiltskin should have a national lottery for hiz POTUS salary. MAN! cud you imagine how popular Trumpelstiltskin wud become?

iffen you got a valid soc sec # den you are entered. the number can be chosen on TV wiff all programming preempted! imagine duh ratings!

Trumpelstiltskin iz so rich he doan knead no chump change like POTUS celery. but i do and you do.

every yeer for 8 yeerz (sic) we can hold duh lootery, i mean lottery. and…And…AND! who ever wins can be POTUS for a day and hang wiff Trumpelstiltskin.

gotta think big.


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