Trumpelstiltskin is POTUS elect and he show iz stacking hiz cabinet in a queer way.

why does Trumpelstiltskin need duh blessings of mitt romney? everyone agreed he wuz/is/will be an asshole from when mitty ran for president. why iz the corrupt and beholden media reinventing him az an elder statesman? WTF!?!?!

i live in dee grape steak of new jerky. or goobernator, the corrupt and corpulent crispy crisp, iz visiting wiff Trumpelstiltskin at hiz private golf course. i wish Trumpelstiltskin wud give crispy crisp a job in washington to get fat boy out of dee state. but still, wut sort of men iz Trumpelstiltskin surrounding hiz self wiff?

the corrupt and beholden media tells everyone to get out and vote but doesnt bother to point out duh less than satisfactory choices we get to vote for. wutz up wiff dat? seems like some one, say, TPTB, are vetting assholes and then legitimizing these bastids becuz,”everyone got out and voted”. how can my vote matter if i get to vote for asshole #1 or asshole #2?

it just seemz dat about half of the pippl like one asshole over duh udder. “my asshole iz slightly less assholery than urine”. wut we larned iz dat TPTB put up two assholes and pippl will vote for an asshole. purty slick trick.


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