EM…what can it do?

NASA boffins say dat the EM drive works but no one knows how.

but what can it do? it takes 1 kilowatt to get 1.5 mn of thrust. i got solar panels on my roof. i know how big a panel has to be to produce 1 KW. NASA haz special solar panels dat are twice as effective as duh wons dey let us peons use.

iz duh technology scalable? if i make a EM cone twice az big az dee wons we be playing wit will it produce more thrust?

if i dump 2 KW into a typical EM cone will it double the thrust? deez questions aint bean answered.

suppose i want to send a 2 ton rover to mars. how big duz the EM cone have to be? about the size of the wonz i see on the internet? about a cubic foot? will it have to be much bigger?

shore, it doan need fuel but it still needz an energy input. the conversion ratio iz something like .001%. my wood burning stove iz much more efficient!

besides the mass of the rover we must include the protective casing, any landing deployment devices, the EM drive it self and solar panels to juice it.

we must remember dat half way to the voyage, the EM drive haz to slow down dee spaceship to enter orbit. and wut of insertion? can duh EM do quick changes or do we have to bring propellant along to do dat?

i’m just saying. exactly how practical iz dis thing? why isnt anyone doing calculations?


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