i be writing in a secret code to fool duh enema. doan want duh man to kach wind of my meening. TPTB kan ki$$ my hairy a$$.

“they” sed it wuz supposed to be sunny today, all turned out to be mostly klawdie. it wuz heavy overcast. shore, i done seen some sun for about an hour around 10 am but dat wuz it. it got klawdie brite for a while but mostly heavy overcast. az i write dis at 3 pm i iz having heavy snow showers.

still i managed to brew coffee and cook oatmeal wiff me solar carts. deer warnt enuff sun to recover from duh usage so i put dem away in dee garage. doan look like sun much for an indeterminate while.

last winter i used the snow blower twice. not much snow. still too early to say wut wud happend dis winter. did use duh snow blower already. i got 2-3 inches of heavy wet snow last week. itz a killer to shovel.


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