15 box & hour

firstly, TPTB kan ki$$ my hairy a$$!

having sed dat i kin move onter the hole point of this heer essay.

i live in dee grape stake of new jerky. i aint making dis up. we have a council to determine duh minimum wage. all of the guyz on dee council make $100k/yr.
yep. you red me rite. $100k/yr.

so you know dee deck iz stacked agin poe piplz. how kan sum won making $100k/yr determine dat $8.75/hr iz a livable wage? itz more like a laffable wage.

i made 15 box & hr for many yeerz. DAT iz dee minimum wage in my state.
15 box & hour iz $30k/yr. my property taxes at dee time were less dan 1/2 but more dan 1/3 of dat gross. after dee fedz and duh state grab deer share it wuz 1/3 of take home.

i got to live on duh left overs. energy, food, clothing, transportation, entertainment and all dee rest.savings? not reelly. it iz more hand to mouth so i doan know how sum one making less kan survive. iffen it wuz a couple wiff two jobs and dey pool resources i guess dey can git by. but raise a famblee? sort of dicey. lucklishly i make some wut moe dan 15 box & hour now, but not much, nuttin close to $100k/yr.

i wud rather duh folks working at fast food joints make 15 box & hour becuz dey may be less likely to spit on my burger or add dat “special sauce”. why kaint fast food employment be a path to a decent living? all duh franchises make billions of bucks in PROFITS on dee bakz of duh working klass.

i doan go to fast food jointz becuz i doan wanna support the heelz at duh top. dey have armies of trolls posting dumb reasons why fast food workers doan deserve 15 box & hour. dey use duh same reasons duh guyz who climb mount everest use when dey walk by other climbers who are dying.

yeah, all deez climbers say dey kaint help any won in trouble becuz den dey be in trouble. and the franchises say dey kaint pay becuz dey go broke.

so you know, duh powerz dat be kan ki$$ my hairy a$$!


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