disembarking necessities…

firstly, TPTB kan ki$$ my hairy a$$!

a big shout out and hello to my fellow monkeys. i haz sumpin very impotent to discuss.

we all bean monkeys i iz shore you experienced dis. did you ever haz to take a mean $hit? becuz mebbe you were in a situation where you cudnt go, aboard transportation, ingesting a foodstuff out of the ordinary, over indulging, taking nasty medicine, starting an illness or getting over won?

aint it grand wen you achieve enlightenment? the after glow of letting go? hot dam! dat mallow feeling of chilling after down loading, pinching a loaf, letten it slide, clyde?

dis happened to me recently & i timed it. i had an endorphin rush for 30 minnits!

i be a morge instead an imorge. i kaint say imorge physiology be similar to mine. i haz often almost had an orgasm wen i tuk a long pi$$ i had to hold on to. it wuz dat good. so deer are some good pointz to bean alive in a meat bag.

of course there iz dee unsettling and distracting effects of having to hold on wen you doan wanter or bean temporarily unable to void out.

i wander if doze dat transition to machine existence will miss dat? machines will still have to consume energy. i doan know of any machines dat can function from the aether of space time.

will machine monkeys need lube jobs? will dey poop bat treez? will machines knead sexual contact? monkeys do wut monkeys gotta do.

kan gurus develop a technique weer dey can kontrol deer bodies to experience duh bliss of taking a $hit or pi$$? cud modern pharmacology develop a pill to get high like dat? wud goobermint restrict the usage of such a pill?

ethicists have to start discussing these issues right now.


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