monkey sphere revisited

firstly, TPTB kan ki$$ mu hairy a$$!


planet of the apes double you double you 3!

some wag once sed dat if infinite monkeys randomly banged away at infinite typewriters won of doze monkeys wud write shake speer. i be won of doze monkeys.

go ahead and laff becuz you be won of doze monkeys also. i kan prove it. you eat and drink so you have to $hit and pi$$. mostly likely you fornicate and procreate and den you die. life and death on the monkey sphere. such are duh conditions dat prevail.

you belong to the tribe of monkeys known as humans. our brains my be bigger dan duh rest of doze primates and we be able to organize processes better and have a rich and complex social structure but we still be monkeys.

our rich and complex social structure allows for scientific slaughter of other monkeys who use different vocalizations den ours or decided to believe in different concepts of god or iz it gaaawd or mebbe gah-DUH! mebbe some monkeys need the resources dat other monkeys happen to be living on. mebbe other monkeys have subtle physical characteristics about the face or body structure. it can be as simple az skin pigmentation. lotz of reasons for some monkeys to kill other monkeys.

doze monkeys dat developed advanced technology are better off dan monkeys who didnt. won thing some monkeys invented wuz money and capitalizm. capitalizm iz like believing in a god. doze monkeys wiff more money kan lord it over other monkeys. the need for ever more money can lead to some monkeys wiff lots of it to deny other monkeys money so dey kan get it all.

some monkeys think dat science and technology kan make dem immortal. imagine an immoral immortal monkey! $HIT! it walks, it talks, it kills FOREVER! becuz dat iz wut monkeys do, kill for money and power. once a monkey becomes immortal it will kill to protect itself. it might perceive duh rest of use monkeys az a threat. sumpin to look forward to.

games wiff our frontiers, monkeys on spheres.
TPTB kan ki$$ my hairy a$$!


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