china & dee EM drive

firstly, TPTB can ki$$ my airy a$$!

a big shout out to my fellow primates on dee monkey sphere.

itz official, itz a meme. itz all over dee inter tubes. china iz testing dee EM drive on itz space station.

i red dat it takez kilowatts to get micronewtons of thrust.

mebbe yur pap or a gearhead friend haz a torque wrench. set it to itz lowest setting den tighten a bolt. lossen duh bolt, tighten, again, again.

now imagine tightening a bolt using a millionth of dat torque. dat iz wut an EM drive produces when you input KILOWATTS!

i dunno. iz dee technology scalable? if i want one newton of thrust den i need a mega watt?

all dee articles i red say the EM doan require fuel. wuzzup wiff dat? yur microwave oven uses electricity and EM drives are made from scavenged microwave ovens. yur microwave oven needz 2000 watts of electricity to produce 1000 watts of cooking power. heer we have a device dat is 500,000 less efficient.
wont sowm one do duh math?

i got 8.5 kilowatts of solar power on dee roof. it takes up 60 feet by 25 feet. i wud get 8 micronewtons of thrust. one wud have to “drag” along dat many solar panles and dee payload.
just saying…how many micronewtons and how long to send a 1 ton rover to mars?

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