trump or monkey?

first, TPTB kan ki$$ my hairy a$$!

divad letterman used to have diz contest weer he bought up members of dee audience. deer wuz a prop, a board wiff an array of flaps. showing above each flap wuz the hair of trump or a monkey. the contestant picked a flap to reveal iffen day chose correctly, trump or monkey.

divad letterman used to have red hair. now he iz mostly chrome dome. mebbe he got jealous of trump. divad letterman is retired now.

wen trump iz sworn in wud it be impolite to do “trump or monkey”?

recently, sum won done did do call michele O!bama a gorilla or wuz it girlrilla? duh pussin wuz attacked by the media and pundits about how dat iz a no-no. iz dat becuz michele iz black?

i wanna know, iz it okay to play “trump or monkey” becuz trump iz white?

i think trump iz an a$$ hole. i think hillary iz an a$$hole. i also think michele and barrack-ack-ack are both a$$holes.

just like jimmy carter he locked up some YUGE! areas of alaska to prevent oil drilling. hiz reasons bean reasonable. we doan possess proper technology to prevent or mitigate a catastrophic spill. i’m all for dat even if i think he iz an a$$hole. bad men can do good thingz.

but den you look at O!bamacare. duh guy iz an a$$hole.

trump iz our generation’s incarnation of P.T. barnum. i am shore trump goan to give us all a fair shake for our sugar. at least we will be entertained. iffen i haz to go to hell i wanna go in a hand basket wiff daisy garlands.

i bleeve we iz all primates on dee monkey sphere and dat includes michele O!bama. wut sort of primate iz open to personal interpretation.

trump or monkey?


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