english az a dying language

firstly, duh powerz dat be kan ki$$ my airy a$$!

english used to be duh defacto language of uhmerika.

just recently my employment had a Xmas partay. every won gathered in a certain area for roast beast and other edible goodies.

out of 100 pipplz deer be only 15 natcherly born uhmerikans. dee remainders all be fresh off dee boat or over dee river.

you may wander why i mangle dee english language so much. BECUZ EVERY WON I KNOW DUZ IT!!!

various folks from various south uhmerikan countries, folks from dee middle east and eastern europe, all spikken wiff dee strong accidents.

i am an ESPer. we are all to certain degree and i used to use my ESPer babble fish to determine wut folks from other countries were trying to say. i wuz pooty good at it.

now a dayz i haz me shields at max. i make duh udder pussin struggle to express hiz/her/it’s intentions.

i often ax folks from south uhmerika iffen dey have phone options such az “press won for spanish or too for english”. dey just laff in me face.


i know from bean married to a woman from south uhmerika dat dey be very discriminatory to folks from udder countries. peruvians hate equadorians, puetro ricanz hate mexicans but dey all agree to hate filthy gringos.

dey all mangle eglish and i haz to deal wiff it. and now you haz to deal wiff it. truly deer are infinite monkeys banging out infinite blogs. iffen you doan like diz won find another. i insist!


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