china vs uhmerika

firstly, TPTB kan ki$$ my airy a$$!

i reed today 2nd day of 2017, duh yeer of dee rooster, dat china had to shut down airports, roads, skoolz, factories and pooty much everything becuz…snow? nope. typhoon? nope. erff quake? nope. AIR POLLUTION! yeah, there’s a frikkin advanced society for yee, me hearties! this duh turd time diz haz happened in china wiff in 6 months. this episode iz predicted to last a WEEK!

i reed recently dat deer are hundreds more cities in uhmerika dat have worse lead poisoned water den flint, michigan.

i’d say we about evenly fokked up, bro.

duh various gobbermints doan kair about chew, dey dont kair.

in china it iz estimated dat 1.6 million pipplz died from bad air. in uhmerika pippl by dee millions die from bad recreational drugs.

all deez patRIOTS say deer country is better den duh other won. FART!

right now i can safely go back and forth from home and job. i have access to energy and food. so OK, i’m kool wiff dat. but i reed about the crazy a$$ed $hit dat iz goan down in my country and my state and my county and my town.

back in november some lady got kilt by a hit & run. the useless cops put up an electronic sign axing for information. a plea from the lady’s famblee for dee
driver “to do the right thing and turn hiz/her/itz self in”. death wen unnecessary iz alwayz a tragedy.

i spoke of a possible severely wounded and or dead guy laying in a street in potty sum, i spoke about mountaineers walking by dying people on mount everest.
the same excuse mountaineers use can be used by the hit & run driver. heerz more evidence of how fucked up civilized advanced kulchure pipplz are. the results bean “very fucked up”. no difference between china and uhmerika.

in china pipplz sell artificial food az real food, the fake milk scandal and many more. in uhmerika companies sell contaminated peanut butter and ice cream.
folks die and the various goobermints are so very ineffective.

the so called super powers split hairs and atoms about witch wonz better.

the call to terraform mars is duh subconscious knowledge dat dee erff iz fucked, fucked up by us. letz not fix diz won, oh no! letz trash it and move on to the next uninhabitable world. it aint goan to happen. man will join the fossil record next to dee dinosaurs. the great filter iz about to filter us out. and you too, you aint immune, you monkey. you eat and drink, you pi$$ and $hit, you fornicate and procreate. all you kair about iz money and power and damn everything else. you got yurz, fuck duh next chic, fuck duh next guy, fuck duh next generation, fuck duh erff, fuck duh next planet. fuck yurself.

politically correct fake news, fake science, take a proper gander wutz goan on around you. DUMB A$$!


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