thin blue line

firstly, TPTB kan ki$$ mu airy a$$!

i live in dee grape stake of new jerky. new jerky haz ben voted the #1 state to leave becuz taxes.

a few months ago i sawr certain towns painted a blue line in between the double yellow do not cross line down dee middle of dee street.

i red in newz paper dat it iz to honor cops. well, cops get great pay, medical coverage, a great pension and a license to kill. wut other honorz do dey knead?

i want some sort of publik display of recognition for dee tax payer. say, a sign on every street corner, in front of every skool, in front of every fire house, in front of every town hall saying, THANK YOU TAX PAYER!”.

duh feds put out a notice dat deer iz a list of regulations specifying standard road markings. itz even international. duh feds say remove the thin blue line. blue is reserved for handicapped parking areas.

i wish i had great pay and great medical coverage and great pension. i dont. i work in a stinking dirty factory. every job iz worthy of respect. we are all valuable contributing workers of society.

why are teachers, cops and doktorz worthy of perks? why pro sports and celeb actors? wut about dee rest of us footing dee bill for it all?

even folks flipping burgerz in fast food franchises shud be able to make a decent living. even folks fulfilling amazon purchases shud get a living wage. why are we saying honor diz but not dat?



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