orion all in one

firstly, the TPTB kan ki$$ my airy a$$!

some time ago i bought an orion all-in-one astro cam. itz used hooked up to a telescope or stand alone wiff itz own lens.

i bought it to study meat eaters, that iz shooshtink stars. i left it in the box for a yeer. recently i opened it up and fooled around wiff it.

installing dee software on winderz sebben proved quite a chore. it kneaded a driver update and the newest bundled software.

the software iz kloogy and arcane. it duz work. i done did do time lapse of starz and intend to do much, much MORE!

however i found it to be suitable for erff type subjects. i love klawd time lapse and duh HW and SW are adaptable to dat end. it even came wiff a supplied “why dangle?” lens.

one can choose a very fast shutter speed such as one microsecond. the contrast and gamma are adjustable. white balance is semi automatic. a time stamp overlay iz a clickable option.

although the chip iz HD i down sample to 640×480 for youtube purposes.

the software saves uncompressed AVI format. a 2 minnit video iz 1.7 gig. to over come that i recode using freeware called “hand brake”.

hand brake tuk 45 seconds to recode 1.7 gig down to 19 mb mp4. sweeet!

heer iz a series of vid clips from january 8, 2017.


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