iz it wabbit season or duck season? NO! ITZ TRUMP SEASON!
damn every won iz lacing inter trump, hiz old lady and hiz kid.

now dat O!bama haint president i kan bad mouth him. he iz definately a knee grow and mebbe a knicker. hiz wife iz some sort of a primate.

wa-wa-wa? i kaint say dat? iz it becuz O!bama iz black?

i guess bean a rich old white dood makes you a target for disrespect. i’m a poor old white dood so i noze all about disrespect.

i lost respect for O!bama becuz of ACA and the individual mandate. fuck dat shit! the gold plan cost FIVE THOUSAND UHMERIKAN BUCKS! if you kan afford dat you doan get too much premium support.

duh bronze plan still costs 2500 box but big copays and deductibles. iffen you be dirt poor you get most of it back at tax time.

if you be working class white trash like myself you doan get much of nuttin.
i just paid the fine.

trump sez he wants to remove the individual mandate and fine. i iz all for dat. go trump go! fine wit me.

wen i wuz a young lad just starting out in private industry every factory, even mom & pop shops gave you a card after 3 months and you used it. large concerns had great plans dat didnt cost you nuttin. no copays!

little by little the big corps whittled away at dee benefit till now you pay
big bucks for nuttin.

my plan stinks. 2500/yr if you dont use it and 2500 deductible. yeah, itz got some basics but not much. catastrophic care it iz for when you get the big C.

my property taxes pay for teachers and cops and firemen to get great all encompassing medical insurance like every won used to get 35 yeerz ago.

when the assholes in wash,dc sed dey had to vote for ACA to see wutz in it i knew i wuz fucked.

why are premiums sky rocketing? why are carriers abandoning markets? why are co ops shutting down?

trump builds a wall, sounds good. too much immigration iz a bad thing. it iz. uhmerika kneadz a refractory period to absorb awl doze pipplz.

won language, yep count me in. all i heer iz broken english. it iz the inspiration for me blog.

press won to get out of my face. press too iffen you think i kair.
duh big boyz doan kair about chew. dey doan kair about chew.

donald trump doan kair about me and if hillary got in she wudnt kair about me.
anything good donald duz i iz for. anything stoopid he duz i iz agin.

dey aint cutting me in for a slice of dee pie and neither iz you. itz a smash and grab world.


lastly, TPTB kan ki$$ my airy a$$!


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