Perturbation of the Eschaton

TPTB kan ki$$ me airy a$$!

O!bama iz a knee grow. him and michele are knickerz. michele iz some sort of a primate but aint we all primates on dee monkey sphere?

all deez refuse geez are the direct results of O!bama’s policies of bombing the crap out of the very nations duh refuse geez come from.

yes, dump on trump but wut of O!bama? he cud of stopped duh bombing. warrant he a nobel piece prize winner? warrant he? den why wuz he so war like?

warrant he duh leader of uhmerikan policy? doan dat make him most culpable?
wny didnt he stop it? duh slaughter of tens of thousands of people, chillinz, old folks, the weak and sick, unlucky all slaughtered becuz uhmerika didnt want a particular leader.

why kaint syrians live in syria in pieces? and lybia sam ting. all doze counties duh uhmerikan war machine haz dropped untold megatons of conventional explosives on. large areas of dee erff laid waste.

i didnt want to do dat. i doan approve of me country bombing duh crap out of piplz far away. i doan need my moe joe to go out and smack some won up dee side of dee hade.

why refuse geez? dey come to uhmerika wiff jest dee clothes on dey back. dey need microwave ovens, cell phones, lcd tv’s, dishes, shoes, sofas, duh hole ball of wax. dat iz why uhmerika wants refuse geez.

me? i got a tv and a laptop and a digital tv, microwave, dishes, furniture, clothes. i be tapped out. i shud die becuz i kaint buy anything moe.

and…i make too much money. uhmerika kneadz it’s debt slaves. uhmerika haz itz O!pressorz and itz exploited.

folks who are glad to be away from an environment where death comes suddenly and violently are most likely to be agreeable to bean exploited becuz safety.

you can ignore reality but you cannot avoid the consequences of ignoring reality.


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