A Day Without Immigruntz

i thought dat today deer wud be no won about becuz dee immigruntz wud be off protesting summerz.

wen i go to work all duh immigruntz were deer. only one guy out.

it mustah ben a big sea krett becuz i only herd about it on the radio driving to work today. it wuz in the local on line rag too. not yesterday or last week or a month ago but today.

the effect wuz supposed to show how uhmerikan society wud be paralyzed iffen no immigruntz went to work. sounds like a strike to me.

i ben told over and over how unions are bad for white guys. why iz an organized labor stoppage ok for immigruntz? just axing.

i red duh comments on duh on line are tea kull. one wag sed dat if you really want to paralyze society den deer shud be a day without white guys. HAH!

lookie heer, i iz a white guy. i get duh message. i shud die a violent death at dee hands of immigruntz.

it looks like dee town hall haz ben doing dat for az long az i kan remember judging the lack of proper snow removal and pot hole filling. i pay property taxes and get very little back for it. a day wiffout goobermint? NAY! a lifetime wiffout goobermint.

if all deez immigruntz formed snow removal battalions den i wud be more inclined to champion dem. wen dey get in yur face and demand yur death den not so much.

wutz dee diff between a grunt (working class stiff) and an immigrunt? nor much, both bean O!pressed by dee man and exploited. itz just dat immigruntz are willing to do it cheaper.

itz just like joey sez in shane, “there’s too many”. too much of anything iz bad, even immigration.

why duz TPTB want immigration? becuz immigruntz mostly kum heer wiff just dee klothz on deer bakz. dey haz to by microwave ovens and more klothz and furn a chure and karz and everything else. datz why.

and wut of the environment? duz uhmerika want 600 million residents?

i ax you…is trump a punk? iz hillary a punk? iz O!bama a punk? duz dee answer depend on yur political views? wut if trump iz a punk? i think he iz. but so iz hillary and so iz O!bama. dey all punks and day gonna punk us, punk us hard and nasty.

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