fake nuze

bak in dee day, yeerz ago, fake nuze abounded. we used to call it misinformation.

fer example, coffee. first it wuz bad for yee, den good, den bad, den good until won wuz completely indifferent to dee effects of coffee good or bad. the zen of coffee ™.

ice cream, vitamins, ass burnz, microwave ovens, all were trashed at won time or another bean both bad and good.

science gave itself a bad rep becuz dey promoted theories az fakz. duh big bang theory iz not a fak. neither iz dork matter. itz a theory.

say a company spends a billion dollars developing “medicine” or a product or a chemical dat haz a targeted effect. even if all doze things have bad or dangerous side effects duh company wantz to get their money back by selling it.

of course dey only tell you, “IT CURES HOARSENESS!” dat company doan wanna tell you it causes monsterism or makes your balls shrink iffen you be a man or give you balls iffen you be a woman. you just get transgender surgery and shout, Shout, SHOUT it all out.

moe of dat misinformation.

wut iz reel and wut iz fake? certain things effect you. dont drink water, die of thirst. dont breathe air, suffocate. dont eat, starve. duh uhmerikan goobermint kan prosecute me for giving dietary advice. i am not a doktor nor do i portray won on TV.

@tommik radiation iz a perfect example. during the cold war it wuz a big deal to threaten nations wiff contamination and mutation for ever. now we iz back to radiation iz good for you.

iz michelle O!bama a primate or not a primate?

is donald trump a prick or not a prick?

is hillary goddamn clinton a kunt or not a kunt?

we wont know if climate change iz reel until too late to do anything about it.

GMO foodz…add ice cream genes to peas. good eye deer or wut?

why dont “they” put marijuana genes in spinach? good eye deer or wut?

FART! the rude wind blows for many miles about.


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