correct sin tax iz racist

i red in dee fake nuz dat using correct spelling and sin tax iz RACIST!
only evil white pipl speak english correctly.

dat makes me unracist. HOO-RAY! i’m still an evil white pussin and i am old and male. if only i haz lotz o monee.

rich evil white old men want to bring back mastodons so dey can hunt and kill dem. fake nuz?

an @tommik reactor in france caught fire a few eeks ago and now special “snifter” planes indicate dat europe is enveloped in radioactive iodine cloud.
dont worry it aint as bad az chernobyl or fukishima. blame russia.

double you double you three for you and me.

CRISPER gene editing. damn wen are we goan ter stop fucking around wiff nay chure? fake nuz?

oh, all dee beez iz dying so we just manufacture mechanical drone beez to take deer place. fake nuz?

donald trump never shook hands wiff a robot. time for impeachement.


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