mek yuri kap sull

i haz ben watching old nasa and are force videoz on YO!tube. i watched won about the merk yuri space program. the merk yuri kap sull wuz made of 3 shells of titanium. duh inner won weer duh astronut sat wus only .010″ thik!

duh middle won wuz also only .010″ thik!

and…duh outer won wuz only .030″ thik! for a grand total of .050″ thik!
kan you reed a ruler? do you unnerstand fractionz? are you white or sum utter race? .050″ iz less dan 1/16th of an inch. FART!

holy shit! titanium iz purty tuff stuff but dat kap sull went true a lot of environmental extremez, doze astronutz were won brave group of menz. i like to pretend my tax doughlers go to stuff like is instead of carpet bombing women, childrenz and dee elderly. still, duh atlas rocket dat launched merk yuri wuz/is/will be an inter continental ballistic missile for sending @tommik war hades to russia.

i strongly recommend you watch dis video. YO!tube link may go away becuz google.


uh taxing shitzee a shun

bean white iz a bad thing. itz all over the inter tubes and in the main streem media. white pipl shud all do dem selves in.

i done did do my taxes. it tuk me 3 hours. i used tax act dot com. a free plug. i aint bean compensated.

i had all me paperz in order and filled in dee blanks. dis is the least amount of refund i ever got on me income tax, both fed and state, in 15 yeerz.

well at leest i got money back. although O!bamacare fine ate up a lot i still came out ahead. in 2016 i didnt go to dee dentist and i went to a doktorb (the b stands for bargain) once. the doktorb cost me 90 bux.

duh thing iz dat the various goobermintz had duh same paperz i had and knew where all my money came from. i work in a faktori. i had a small savings interest. unem for won month. i withdraw some money outer retiremint fund. DATZ IT!

wut duz me money get me? well, i aint a refugee, havent seen me friendz, famblee and city bombed flat(yet). lotz o food. a crappy unfulfilling job. i’m doing good, real good.

BUT…i sawr diz video about the damascus ark&sawr titan missile hexploshun.
damn, what a clusterfuck. uhmerika iz just pretending.

the skary part bean how russia iz just as fucked up as uhmerika. i recommend you watch it while yur spending yur tax refund on stupid shit made in china. i kaint say how long dis link will be active. itz YO!tube. watch for the young dumb ass bill clinton cameo.

trappist-1 sci fi

i write dis way becuz im trying to supress my whiteness. let us explore jive.

boffins jive all dee time. case in point the trappist-1 star system “only 39 lite yeerz away!”.

now deez boffins concluded true new anal lie sys dat life is 1000 times more likely to spread true asteroids den in our solar system. by studying 3 pixels of lite dey determined diz.

deer are methods such as timing the rise and fall of lite of the star to guess how many planets my be deer. i wanna know if boffins can determine how many asteroids are flitting around “only 39 lite yeerz away!”.

trappist-1 iz a red dwarf. i hope dat aint racist. i mean wut if you are a short communist? can you get insulted by such hate speech?

red drwaves have low heet and lite output so planets must be close in to be in duh goldilocks zone where water iz liquid. but…at dat close and doze type of stars shoot out giant flares and gamma rays which sort of sterilize any planets in dart zone. boffins admit to doze fakz. one cannot say dat a red dwarf haz a goldilocks zone for life. deez same boffins even admitted dat flares and ionizing radiation will strip urph sized planets of atmosphere and water in under ONE BILLION yeerz.

more false news. but den boffins need funding to anal eyes data.

all i am saying iz dat mebbe deer are better candidates den trappist-1. alpha centuria iz very unlikely to host life az we know it. wrong type of stars and planetary orbits.

i have nuttin agin searching i jest doan like duh sensational story telling peddled az trute. i like sci fi and why not some won write a trsppist-1 novel with horny green women? yesh?

i bet dat donald trump iz behind diz…or mebbe hillary. isis?

urph 1: trappist monk 0

if you don accept my writing den you be racist. moran likely rich and white.
but lessus put dat aside.

boffins admit dat the trappist star system problee haz NO urph like planets and moran likely non wiff life. duh only thing urph like about dem is der sizes.

duh boffins admit dey jest wanted to hype duh discovery. the most powerful telescope invented by man shows trappist as an array of 3 pixels.

seems doze images making duh rounds on dee inner tubes wuz just fan art, or as boffins say “artist’s conception”. dat iz boffin speak for bullshit or as we say today fake news.

all the reports were using terms such as “only 39 lite yeerz away” sort of like saying “granma iz a 2 hour drive”. FART! we aint goan to trappist and our chillenz chillenz chillenz aint goan to trappist.

boffins have to maintain deer lifestyle of goan to swank conferences to get funding for more swank conferences so dey…um…embellish fakz a leetle bit.

until new horizon got to pluto no one, not even the black karl saygon, neil degassed tyson hadnt a duke of an idear about anything about pluto. pluto wuz a few pixels or a wave form of some spectrographic lines dat we kud infer from.

did i say black? i meant dark like in dark matter or dark energy.yup datz it. neil degassed tyson is dark. aint deer things we kaint see about him? like hiz soul? things dat doan add up? dark matter iz all around us so we can safely call tyson dark. he sez so hiz self. regular matter makes up 10% and dee rest iz dark. itz clumped around all of us all dee time. it aint some thing far away at dee edge of duh galaxy.

life’s dirt sticks to us all.

mistree of kozmik rayz

boffins like you to think dey know everything. urph like planets orbiting a star 40 lite yeerz away have life!

den the very next day dey say dey doan know weer kozmik rayz come from. itz a big mistree. observed events doan fit in wiff deer thought model. not enuf dork matter i spek.

and wut of fusion power? mebbe doze boffins havent a duke of an ideer wutz goan down.

wutz the difference between dork matter and pixie dust?

x-rayz used to be dork energy but just turned out to be undetected electro magnetic radiation.

maybe itz duh mistree of continuing funding,hey?