trappist-1 sci fi

i write dis way becuz im trying to supress my whiteness. let us explore jive.

boffins jive all dee time. case in point the trappist-1 star system “only 39 lite yeerz away!”.

now deez boffins concluded true new anal lie sys dat life is 1000 times more likely to spread true asteroids den in our solar system. by studying 3 pixels of lite dey determined diz.

deer are methods such as timing the rise and fall of lite of the star to guess how many planets my be deer. i wanna know if boffins can determine how many asteroids are flitting around “only 39 lite yeerz away!”.

trappist-1 iz a red dwarf. i hope dat aint racist. i mean wut if you are a short communist? can you get insulted by such hate speech?

red drwaves have low heet and lite output so planets must be close in to be in duh goldilocks zone where water iz liquid. but…at dat close and doze type of stars shoot out giant flares and gamma rays which sort of sterilize any planets in dart zone. boffins admit to doze fakz. one cannot say dat a red dwarf haz a goldilocks zone for life. deez same boffins even admitted dat flares and ionizing radiation will strip urph sized planets of atmosphere and water in under ONE BILLION yeerz.

more false news. but den boffins need funding to anal eyes data.

all i am saying iz dat mebbe deer are better candidates den trappist-1. alpha centuria iz very unlikely to host life az we know it. wrong type of stars and planetary orbits.

i have nuttin agin searching i jest doan like duh sensational story telling peddled az trute. i like sci fi and why not some won write a trsppist-1 novel with horny green women? yesh?

i bet dat donald trump iz behind diz…or mebbe hillary. isis?


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